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Kari Alajoki

Quantum Nanobot Knockout

Sharon Josef

Complete Body System Upgrade

Katherine Eskesen

Instantly Shift To The Aquarian Age Of Light

George Laudikos

ToPan Energetics

Crystal Randhir Priya

Decode Your Soul’s Destiny

Rani Virdee

Total Quantum Facelift

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

100% Effective Muscular-Skeletal Alignment

Dawn Crystal

Complete Vaccine Protection

Jo Fernandes

Autoimmunity Solved!

Tanja James

Breakthrough Into Freedom

Dipal Shah

Quantum Pranic Quotient Reset

Wilma David

Tapping Into Angelic Realms

Grace Hom

Energy Dentistry

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Optimize Your Thyroid Health

Dawn Crystal

Complete Health Makeover

Karin Davidson

Open the Gateway to The Life of Your Dreams

Nidhu B. Kapoor

The Fastest Path to 5D Living

Gertrud de Witte

Shatter Your Soul’s Glass Ceiling!

Leah Grant

Supernatural Self-Healing

Interview with Kari Alajoki

Topic: Quantum Nanobot Knockout: Wipe Out Low Vibe Energy Attacks For Optimal Healing and Regeneration

During this Call with Kari You Will:

  • Discover why EXPERIENCING Brain Fog, Mental Blocks, Difficulty Thinking and Putting YOUR thoughts into WORDS, means you are likely CARRYING AN OVERLOAD NANOBOTS!
  • Learn how NANOBOTS are infiltrating our HEALTHY FOOD and how this is affecting you EVERY DAY!
  • Discover the UNKNOWN REASON you may not be bouncing back from the last flu bug .. or you wonder if your HEALTH has been influenced by others in your environment!
  • Learn why your emotions are “all over the place”... are they even yours??
  • Understand why WOMEN all over are EXPERIENCING new, sudden, or stubborn hormone imbalances causing cysts, menstrual flow changes or disruption, night sweats, sleep problems, or skin issues such as thinning skin that seems to be aging quickly!
  • And much, much MORE...

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The ONLY fix on earth for nanobots...Get started NOW!

Here’s what clients have to say about Kari!

  • “The headache and pain up the back of my neck which I had for the past few months is completely gone!” ~ Dana
  • “My mind was more at ease and I was able to calm down to the point of falling asleep well that night.” ~ Madalyn
  • “After my healing session with Kari to work on my gallbladder, I was able to indulge in fatty foods, mild spices and chocolate for the first time in over a year!” ~ Alexandra

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Interview with Sharon Josef

Topic: Complete Body System Upgrade: Interpret Your Body’s Messages To Quickly Heal Yourself From ALL Your Pain & Suffering

During this Call with Sharon You Will:

  • Get to know why EMOTIONS cause discomfort or disease!
  • Find out how everything is tied together to MAKE UP YOUR LIFE and why is your life is this way or another!
  • Hear the LANGUAGE of the body! The body tells us a story...
  • Let go of pain and FEEL GOOD physically!
  • Learn to take your power back and Be Empowered!
  • And much, much MORE...

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2 Pay Options Available for Package B & C! Get Your Personal Body Scan with Sharon NOW!

Here’s what clients have to say about Sharon!

  • “Major Stomach Surgery Avoided! I Wish I’d Met Sharon Sooner!”
  • “Sharon’s Total Body Scan Is Beyond Incredible… It’s Life Changing!”
  • “After Sharon Worked On Me Energetically… Even My Doctor Said My Recovery Was A Miracle!”

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Sharon's Special Offer

Interview with Katherine Eskesen

Topic: Instantly Shift To The Aquarian Age Of Light
Timeline Jump Into Radiant Health, Divine Wealth & Harmonious Relationships

During this Call with Katherine You Will:

  • Learn how your ‘Energy Type’ affects your HEALTH, WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS!
  • Discover how SHIFTING TIMELINES can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in creating your BEST life!
  • Feel ELEVATED into higher consciousness and Be RECHARGED simply by being on the call…
  • Experience how the POWER OF YOUR MIND and using your SACRED SOUND (your voice) can help YOU Manifest Instantly!
  • Find Out how your current DNA Codes may be keeping you stuck in repeating karmic cycles!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Early Bird Prices EXTENDED! Get $100 Off ANY Package for a Limited Time!

Here’s what clients have to say about Katherine!

  • “Diane had been trying to sell her house for months without success. After having a session with Katherine she sold it the next day!”
  • "Julie had a breast lump that required surgery but opted for alternative options...after working with Katherine the breast lump decreased in size by 50%!”
  • "Dave had been out of work for over a year and after a session with Katherine he manifested a job in 1 day!”

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Katherine's Special Offer

Interview with George Laudikos

Topic: ToPan Energetics: Your Own Personal Healer In Your Pocket!

During this Call with George You Will:

  • Discover how the ToPan Energetics Symbol was created!
  • Learn how to use this WISH symbol on demand when needed - YOUR own personal healer in your pocket!!!
  • Find out the incredible stories from people that have used these SYMBOLS and how their lives have transformed!!
  • Experience ToPan Energetics Symbol for YOURSELF to relieve physical or non physical pain including stress and anxiety!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Your Wish is the ToPan Energetics Symbol’s Command! The Sooner You Order, the Sooner You Receive ... Get Started Today.

Here’s what clients have to say about George!

  • “I had pain in my left shoulder. After 25 minutes the pain moved to below the left front of my shoulder. Felt tingling and now I am pain free!” ~ Judy
  • "The stiffness has loosened up significantly, I feel almost like my younger self with ease of movement in ways that I haven’t been able to for quite a long time” ~ R.D.
  • "I worked on my pain in my hips and feet ,which felt better straight away. I did a few of my own wishes with the symbol to lose 10lbs of weight already down 2lbs in 2 days” ~ Anita

Get George’s package at Upto 88% Off

George's Special Offer

Interview with Crystal Randhir Priya

Topic: Decode Your Soul’s Destiny: The Ancient Egyptian Path Towards Complete Clarity on Your Soul’s Purpose

During this Call with Crystal You Will:

  • Find out who YOU are and WHY YOU ARE HERE
  • Discover what your SOUL PURPOSE is and if YOU are aligned to your SOUL MISSION!
  • EXPAND your consciousness on the purpose of your very existence and FREE YOURSELF to Define, Refine and Live this true purpose of your soul!!!
  • Learn to LET GO to ALL that which YOU are not!!
  • Learn to LIVE your AUTHENTIC SELF and take back your POWERS, Innate Gifts and Abilities… Let your PURE DIVINITY express itself as YOU!!!
  • Know that YOU have this DESTINY… this PURPOSE… Activate it wherever you are on your path toward manifesting your life’s purpose… Awaken your Soul’s hidden talents… and Divine mission!! (Crystal’s Timeless Wisdom will guide you in the right direction)
  • And much, much MORE...

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Limited number of packages left at this price! All packages include a session. Book yours now!

Here’s what clients have to say about Crystal!

  • “After just ONE session with Crystal I was feeling 20 years younger and my back was instantly healed! She is a true miracle worker.” ~ HOLLIE W.
  • “Crystal brings brightness in your life and always has mysterious ways to help in any difficult situation in my life.” ~ YELENA Z.
  • “My Results Were INSTANT… I Could Feel The Shifts In My Energy Immediately And Now I have no anxiety and I can live my life with confidence!” ~ MYRA L.

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Crystal's Special Offer

Interview with Rani Virdee

Topic: Total Quantum Facelift: The Simplest and Most Effective Cellular Regeneration & Anti-Aging Method

During this Call with Rani You Will:

  • Transform feelings of tiredness and lethargy to becoming ENERGISED and feeling better about YOURSELF!!
  • “Fall in Love” with YOUR BEAUTY as you zest for life returns!!!
  • Receive compliments as people start to notice your TRANSFORMATION!!!
  • Watch YOUR complexions START TO GLOW day by day!!
  • “Notice POSITIVE change” in other parts of your body (e.g.your skin is becoming conditioned and tighter!) and YOUR Emotions!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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1 month healing container begins the moment you sign up! Get your Quantum Facelift Activated Now!

Here’s what clients have to say about Rani!

  • “ It’s great to see the changes in the final photo. I had noticed my complexion was glowing and had seen a definite softening of my lines, including the ones between my eyebrows. Thank you so much” ~ Deborah Sawyer
  • “After 30 days I noticed that my complexion is much brighter and there is more definition on my lips. The blemishes have lightened on my face too. I also started paying more attention to my appearance (I use to be uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror). Thank you Rani for this amazing work.” ~ Michelle
  • “I can see shifts in the couture of the face and I seem to be firmer in the skin, on my chin and neck especially. I also notice a difference in the way I appreciate my self during the day when I catch a glance of my own reflection during the day. I notice changes in the rest of my body too, a firmness in the skin and also a differences in my way to notice and love my body.” ~ Susann

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Interview with Gertrud de Witte

Topic: Shatter Your Soul’s Glass Ceiling!
1 Year Remote Healing to Bust Through Blocks And Align To Your Highest Potential

During this Call with Gertrud You Will:

  • Learn what is REALLY keeping you from YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE!
  • Find out why YOU keep FEELING like something’s off ...
  • Unravel the MOST DEBILITATING BLOCKS you may not realize you have!
  • Be shown the biggest blocks that sabotage you in having a THRIVING BUSINESS, CAREER and LIFE!
  • Learn why HEALING your debilitating Self-Sabotage should BE YOUR #1 PRIORITY!
  • Discover how HIGH YOU COULD SOAR without YOUR Self-Sabotage!
  • Learn how you can amplify your impact (and why it’s NOT happening for you now …)
  • Heal your hidden blocks to SHINING YOUR BRIGHTEST LIGHT and be the change YOU want to be!!
  • Find out how YOU can finally START LEAVING A LIFE WITH MORE MEANING, VALUE and IMPACT right now!
  • Find out how to Finally Ditch The Procrastination, holding back and making yourself small!!
  • Discover ways you CAN heal your Self-Sabotage that no one talks about!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Limited Spots Available at Current Price! 1 Year Remote Healing Bonus Expiring Soon. Save Your Seat Now!!

Here’s what clients have to say about Gertrud!

  • “More Joy and Ease in my Business and my Income has Increased!” ~ Marieke
  • “The program has helped me peel off a layer inside myself. I am more aware when my old patterns arise and I’m now actually able to speak up for what I want and need. This has made things lighter in my work, finances and my family.” ~ Jelske - Netherlands
  • “After the first session with Gertrud I received a phone call for a possible collaboration and after the second call I had a job interview which went really well.” ~ Irma

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Gertrud's Special Offer

Interview with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Topic: 100% Effective Muscular-Skeletal Alignment
Experience Ease, Flexibility and Vibrant Mobility Once More!

During this Call with Virginia You Will:

  • Discover that Painful Neck & Shoulders CAN BE A THING of the past!
  • Find out how BULGING SPINAL DISCS can be a thing of the past!
  • Learn to MASTER YOUR BODY (Limbs, Pelvis) and MOVE with ease and flexibility!!
  • Become an EXPERT IN HELPING YOUR BODY do what you want it to do WITHOUT needing or SPENDING money on a therapist!!
  • Understand the Freedom of a body that is FLEXIBLE AND PAIN FREE!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Get Out of Pain Once and For All! Early Bird Prices Expiring Soon!

Interview with Dawn Crystal

Topic: Complete Vaccine Protection : Protect Your Body and Supercharge Your Immune System

During this Call with Dawn You Will:

  • Discover how you can QUICKLY and EASILY ENHANCE The Quality of YOUR Health starting today!
  • Learn how to completely detox so YOU can balance out the EFFECTS of toxic chemicals, plus SUPERCHARGE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!
  • Get the SUPPORT YOU NEED to feel confident in YOUR Covid 19 Vaccine Decision!!
  • Learn how to SHIELD & PROTECT YOURSELF against any Chronic illness from the Covid19 Vaccine NOW & IN THE FUTURE!
  • Discover how to CLEAR UP INFECTIONS and RESTORE BALANCE & Harmony at the cellular level!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Feel confident in whatever decision you make regarding the Covid 19 Vaccine! Get started NOW!

Here’s what clients have to say about Dawn!

  • “Wow! I smoked cigarettes for years and my lungs feel so good since I have listening to the program!” ~ Gil (Orlando)
  • “I suffered from cirrhosis of the liver from all the abuse in my younger years of alcoholism and now my Liver is healed completely! Bless you Dawn for your work!” ~ Mildred (Arizona)
  • “I bought this program for my daughter with Chronic Bladder infections that are Now GONE! Thank you so much!” ~ Anna Marie (CA)

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Interview with Jo Fernandes

Topic: Autoimmunity Solved!
Activate Your Master Key to Achieve Ultimate Health & Rejuvenation

During this Call with Jo You Will:

  • Learn How The ROLE in YOUR Childhood Experiences HOLDS THE KEY to Solving Your Autoimmunity!
  • Find out The Secret To Unraveling YOUR autoimmune challenge!
  • Discover How YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF longs to BE FREE TO LIVE YOUR Essential Truth!
  • Discover Why YOUR Immune System is YOUR 6th Sense!
  • Develop A BETTER RELATIONSHIP With YOUR Immune System!
  • Learn THE ROLE of Stress is in Autoimmunity!
  • Learn about The Interconnectedness and Intricacies of The Immune System To Function Well!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Get 2 Sessions for the Price of 1 in Package B! Start Healing Your Autoimmunity TODAY!

Here’s what clients have to say about Jo!

  • “I was diagnosed with Alopecia Arreta in St. Thomas Hospital London, by Dermatology Consultant Dr. Lopez. My hair loss also affected my confidence and my relationships. My hair loss was effecting my whole life. I desperately wanted to be able to feel confident about myself again I was at a very low point, having recently returned from a professional wig fitting, when Jo came into my life. For me, this was the beginning of an amazing journey. Following on from Jo successfully healing my hair, I have recommended her amazing healing skills, to many of my friends and family. Jo's ability to intuitively know the source of our presenting ill health is amazing. Perhaps this is why she remains so effective and successful in her work as a Healer. As she gets to the source of the problem. She is incredibly intuitive and creative, whilst remaining so down to earth and caring. Her clients are her upmost priority..” ~ Mags
  • “My skin started healing almost immediately after our 2nd session, the insatiable itch was gone, so were the angry, ugly, red and purple lesions, the layers of thick, peeling dry skin (sorry I have to be graphic to emphasise how bad it really was), the painful swelling due to the infection and the debilitating anxiety this brought on - ALL gone! Looking at it then, it was hard to imagine my skin ever being restored and now there's only the scar which is also fading.” ~ HS
  • “ I have been suffering for multiple chronic infections and autoimmune disorder throughout my life. In the last 6 years I have been dealing with Lyme disease. Her scans are very accurate. She has always found the suitable solution for my concrete issue and strange symptoms. She helped me to open my heart and feel more joy and happiness. I really appreciate her loving approach. Jo has been a huge support for me (and my family) and the guide on the way to myself.” ~ Jana

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Jo's Special Offer

Interview with Tanja James

Topic: Breakthrough Into Freedom and Fearlessly
Walk With The Unknown

During this Call with Tanja You Will:

  • Learn that it is Possible To Walk Blindfolded with a SMILE ON YOUR FACE!
  • BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU ARE without struggling!
  • Learn to STAY CENTERED AND FREELY shared YOUR light… and not feeling pulled out of alignment constantly!
  • Unearth the main roadblock that’s preventing you from OBTAINING UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOM!
  • Find your untapped inner well of Peace, Strength, and Courage!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Extra 10 days of remote healing bonus available for a limited time! Be sure to grab your seat now!

Here’s what clients have to say about Tanja!

  • “The Results Were INSTANT… In Just One Session Tanja Cleared Me From Years OF Self Neglect & Procrastination!” ~ Radha R.
  • “In Just ONE Session I Felt An Immediate Shift And A HUGE Lift From My Shoulders That Had Been There For 23 Years!!” ~ Moenieba
  • “I Felt The Energy Right Away From The Cord Of Golden Light… Cleared ALL My Old Energy… It Was GREAT!” ~ Laurice

Get Tanja’s package at Upto 92% Off

Tanja's Special Offer

Interview with Leah Grant

Topic: Supernatural Self-Healing: How to Activate the Easiest and Most Natural Solution to Optimal Health!

During this Call with Leah You Will:

  • Learn why knowing what your ILLNESS IS WON'T HELP YOU heal it at ALL!
  • Understand why focusing on the ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR ILLNESS actually keeps you sick, or can make you sicker!
  • Find out the TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you must have control over in order to ACTIVATE your healing abilities!
  • Discover the THREE VIRTUES REQUIRED for self-healing to be successful!
  • Learn the TECHNIQUES that Activate Your Supernatural Self-healing Abilities!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Limited Time Bonus: Frequency Elevation Group Call! Join NOW!

Here’s what clients have to say about Leah!

  • “My blood pressure was 160/101 before applying the self-healing process. Now it’s 130/87. I didn’t change anything. Just did the process Leah taught me.” ~ Mike Garcia, San Antonio, TX
  • “I was at Leah’s house and we were cooking together. I grabbed the uncovered handle of one of her Le Crueset pans that had been on the stove on high heat, screamed from the pain and dropped it, but it was too late. My fingers and palm were red and starting to swell. Leah took me to the couch and calmly taught me the self-healing process. I followed it and miraculously my skin returned to normal—no blisters, no burn” ~ Ann Miller, Las Vegas, NV
  • “WOW! Leah is phenomenal. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to receive energy from her” ~ C. M. - Boulder, CO

Get Leah’s package

Leah's Special Offer

Interview with Dipal Shah

Topic: Quantum Pranic Quotient Reset
For Health, Finances, Relationship & Spritiuality

During this Call with Dipal You Will:

  • Find out what is YOUR Pranic Quotient and why it is vital to RESET IT!!!
  • Discover how a Low Pranic Quotient affects YOUR Health, Spirituality, Finances and Relationships!!
  • Learn about how YOUR BREAKTHROUGH PATTERNS and cycles of pain, suffering, poverty, and more!!!
  • Discover the secret on how RASING your Pranic Quotient will transform all areas of YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY!
  • Learn how shifting the 5 manifestations of prana will change your life FOREVER!!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Early Bird Prices Available NOW: Get Your DEEP Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual REVAMP and UPGRADE Today!

Here’s what clients have to say about Dipal!

  • “I came to Dipal because I was stuck in my finances, relationship with my kids and spouse, my spiritual journey was at a stand still, and my health was not good. She helped me in all these areas just by adjusting the Pranic Quotient. She found curses, blackmagic, portals and wormholes. She could see that I was plugged into some old programs. She cleared over 25 million cords from all lifetimes and cleared all the karmic debt. She knew exactly where to go and what to do. Her light language and message from her Angels is so beautiful and heartfelt. Her Guides are a blessing and you can feel the electricity going through your body. Dipal works at Quantum Speed and you don’t want to miss any healing that Dipal does because she is the best you will ever come across” ~ Sandy
  • I have been out of a job and needed an inexpensive car. I wanted to manifest this as soon as possible. I had found Dipal on a summit and knew I needed a session with her. I could feel how powerful her energies were. I started listening to her amazing mp3s and within days I got a car and not only that, the cost was less than what I expected. I am so excited about working with Dipal and I will buy any of her programs. She is knowledgeable, credible and humble. She has given me the strength and support that I have been in search for a long time. Thank you Dipal.” ~ Mark
  • “My husband and I had a wonderful relationship once upon a time. I lost a baby and ever since we haven’t been the same. Dipal’s wonderful programs have helped us both get through tough times and reconnect. We are 85% better than before. We are so grateful for this gift and appreciate all that Dipal dedicated to our healing.” ~ Kaitlene

Get Dipal’s package at Upto 91% Off

Dipal's Special Offer

Interview with Wilma David

Topic: Tapping Into Angelic Realms to
Free Yourself From Evil Eyes and Negative Energies

During this Call with Wilma You Will:

  • Learn to ELIMINATE The Evil Eyes from YOUR Energy!!
  • CLEANSE YOUR Auric Body after removal of evil eyes or curse!!
  • RESTORE Your Aura and RAISE Your Vibration!
  • Discover Yourself FREE from any future MISFORTUNE!
  • Find out how to INCREASE Your HEALTH VITALITY and Your MONEY FLOW!!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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BREAK FREE From Evil Eyes & Negative Energies! RECLAIM Your Body, Mind and Spirit! Early Bird Prices Still Available.

Here’s what clients have to say about Wilma!

  • “I am really feeling a huge difference! Sleeping better, feeling less anxious, less stress or emotional.” ~ Marielle
  • “I used to be always fearful, now I am not afraid and depressed anymore after Wilma's session.” ~ Laura
  • “I am having a series of bad luck and loss in business, after Wilma's work on me then my business started to attract more sales and customers” ~Colin

Get Wilma’s package

Wilma's Special Offer

Interview with Nidhu Kapoor

Topic: The Fastest Path to 5D Living
Speak 5D, Live in 5D, INSTANTLY

During this Call with Nidhu You Will:

  • Experience ascension ON THE CALL itself! KNOW THE TWO BIGGEST SECRETS TO ASCENSION - Zip Zap Zoom into 5D in seconds!!
  • Know the TWO BIGGEST CHALLENGES OF 2021 and what to do about them in seconds!
  • Use ONE WORD Miracles to heal yourself, your family, friends, pets, plants and Earth IN SECONDS!
  • Release the biggest stopper to BETTER HEALTH AND GREATER WEALTH in seconds!
  • Understand that YOU May Not Be Blocked, YOU Bay Be Being Stopped!
  • Learn to Speak The Language of 5D in Seconds.
  • Learn to Maintain YOUR Vibe High so you move above the chaos and noise!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Cyber Monday Sale Happening NOW: MANIFEST at the rate of thought Starting TODAY!

Here’s what clients have to say about Nidhu!

  • “This one word is super duper powerful, I used it yesterday to ward off a rain attack, Chanted it 7 times and reached home in 25 mins - the rain came down heavily AFTER I reached! I also gave it for I did also manifest super duper quick delivery of my watercolour papers by today itself by chanting Delays in receiving my watercolours papers Begone and received it well ahead of an expected date of delivery which was Tuesday the 11th August” ~ Radhe
  • “It takes a lot to impress me, but the single word magic impressed me no end. I have a stiff back and tightness over many years and this time around, in 5 mins my stiffness went down to a 3 from a 9 and I could also bend over easily. I could not do that before. It is a miracle!” ~ Brandy
  • “I had a sore point and pain in my right shoulder. I could not speak with the pain, Nidhu identified it as acidity and jealousy, gave the decree carrying other people's jealousy, you can leave now and that eased it up so much. The pain was there for three days, but it went in 5 mins!” ~ Vaishali B.

Get Nidhu’s package at upto 80% Off

Nidhu's Special Offer

Interview with Grace Geokyin Hom

Topic: Energy Dentistry
The Archetypal Way
Healthy Teeth, Gums and Guts

During this Call with Grace You Will:

  • Learn that problems with a particular tooth may indicate certain repressed emotional issues... And A powerful barometer of your health is in your smile! (Your teeth and gums indicate the overall health of your body as well as your emotional health.)
  • Discover that your TEETH and GUMS are like microcosm of your universe... And it also indicate issues with one or more survival archetypes that are working on the subconscious level of your being!!
  • Learn the HEALTH OF YOUR GUMS may indicate whether you’re receiving the level of emotional and financial support which ALLOWS YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL!
  • Discover how Grace works with her Spirit Guides that HELPS RE- IMPRINT YOUR RESOURCEFUL STATES to have a reference point and create a LIFE THAT SUPPORTS YOU TO BE YOUR BEST... Re-imprinting life-enhancing states are the key to emotional health and healing!
  • Learn Grace’s method of re-imprinting life-enhancing resourceful states that will HELP YOU TO RECEIVE MORE on ALL levels of your being!!
  • Be able to receive more emotional nourishment that HELP YOU FLOURISH in every area of your life!! (This means you’ll be able to receive the love that you’ve been longing for)
  • And much, much MORE...

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Learn about the archetypal energies behind each tooth so you get a better picture of what’s going on in your body and YOUR life! Limited sessions available

Here’s what clients have to say about Grace!

  • “I was really amazed at the thoroughness of the entire session with Grace. We started with my teeth and then moved to multiple places within my body. I had been experiencing bleeding in my gums on almost a daily basis while brushing my teeth. After my session with Grace, this has stopped completely. I am so very grateful” ~ Peg Rose
  • “The group process brought relief right away so I bought her package and all I can say is wow. Within an hour the pain went from 10 to about a 3 and has been getting better each day since I started on Tuesday. Given what a bad shape my mouth was in ... can’t even began to say THANK YOU to Grace and all of you for bringing her on!” ~ Nancy Tulipano
  • “I had a session with Grace as I've been struggling with chronic gum inflammation and sporadic bleeding. After just one session, the bleeding stopped!” ~ Rupina Meer

Get Grace’s package at upto 89% Off

Grace's Special Offer

Interview with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Topic: Optimize Your Thyroid Health

During this Call with Virginia You Will:

  • Discover how Mental Health ISSUES can be TRIGGERED by an IMBALANCED THYROID!!!
  • Discover why Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Foggy Brain, and Lack of Energy is TRIGGERED by YOUR MALFUNCTIONING THYROID GLAND!!!
  • Learn how Body Temperature, Weight Control, Emotions, Sleep Cycles, Sex Drive, Blood Pressure and… Heart Rate are ALL CONTROLLED BY THE SAME MAJOR HORMONE that controls our THYROID!!!
  • Discover THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR INDOCRINE SYSTEM as it controls YOUR Mood Swings, YOUR Energy Levels, YOUR Reproductive System and SO MUCH MORE!!!
  • Learn how Trauma is LINKED to YOUR Parathyroid Glands!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Virginia only has room for 50 1-1 sessions. Get yours now before they are gone!!

Here’s what clients have to say about Virginia!

  • “I am so excited to report that after working with Virginia for several months that my recent thyroid blood tests were all within the normal ranges without medication. And my energy level is better than it has been in years. I highly recommend Virginia Rounds Griffith. She was able to shift this long standing issue for me as well as several other issues with her insight and powerful healing.” ~ Candace Cantrell
  • “At 78 years of age and having had a car accident, which left me with bruised ribs, severe neck pain, anxiety and depression, I reluctantly accepted that I would never fully recover. Luckily my daughter and her family had recently received successful healing from Virginia and my daughter arranged for me to be treated. I am truly amazed at the result. Virginia found I had the Epstein Barr Virus, which she was able to clear and I found incredible peace of mind and the depression completely lifted, this depression has been with me for years. I now live daily with a level of peace and serenity that I have never experienced before. My mobility has returned and I am back to swimming 3 kilometres a week and fully enjoying my life. Thank you Virginia for giving me a happier more peaceful and fulfilling life..” ~ Patricia McDonnell
  • “I had my appointment Monday and immediately implemented a lot of changes but within a few hours of my appointment swelling begin to go down and I felt better. I started to ween off my thyroid meds because they have always caused me major issues. 5 days later I feel more alive my swelling is continuing to diminish and I’ve lost 10 lbs since Monday.” ~ Janie Scranton Waltz

Get Virginia’s package at upto 79% Off

Virginia's Special Offer

Interview with Dawn Crystal

Topic: Complete Health Makeover: Energetic Reset for Optimal Wellness

During this Call with Dawn You Will:

  • Discover how you can QUICKLY and EASILY ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE starting today!!!
  • Learn the ROOT CAUSE of ALL YOUR DISEASE and DISCOMFORT!! (this may surprise you!)
  • Experience the fastest, most lasting, and most POWERFUL WAY TO ACHIEVE OPTIMAL WELLNESS!!
  • Discover the #1 SECRET TO OPTIMAL HEATH and wellbeing!!
  • Learn how you can actually REVERSE HEALTH ISSUES, even the chronic ones...REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Release your health issues...even chronic ones with Dawn’s God Frequency Energy Healing! Introductory Prices Closing Soon!

Here’s what clients have to say about Dawn!

  • “Dawn’s remote healing gave me so much joy, energy and a sense of fearlessness!” ~ Mary
  • “My energy has increased by 100% after one week!.” ~ Sasha
  • “I have noticed using this program and my Whole Life Depression has gone away in only 1 week of listening!” ~ Bryan (NM)

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Interview with Karin Davidson

Topic: Open the Gateway to The Life of Your Dreams: 5 Minute Block Crusher to Ignite Your Phenomenal Success

During this Call with Karin You Will:

  • Learn about a Healing Modality that WORKS BETTER AND FASTER than anything you’ve experienced before!!
  • Find out how such FAST HEALING IS POSSIBLE and witness live demonstrations of Divine Light Healing -- You don’t want to miss out on this. It’s like having a magic wand!
  • Discover the missing piece in your JOURNEY TO SUCCESS AND ABUNDANCE. Hint: It isn’t what you think!
  • Witness Karin’s divine access to clarify, and prioritize your specific blocks to success, fulfillment, and achieving your goals regardless of what you believe is keeping you from the life of your dreams, regardless of how many other things you’ve tried, and regardless of your history!!
  • Experience a POWERFUL, COLLECTIVE DEVINE LIGHT GROUP HEALING to remove and replace the blocks abundance in all areas of your life -- career, love, happiness, money, and etc. You’ll experience immediate shifts!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Break Free From Every Struggle Standing Between You & Phenomenal Success. Limited Quantities Available!

Here’s what clients have to say about Karin!

  • “The business has totally blown up since my session with Karin!” She took a few moments of silence to work on my blocks, and I was shocked that in those few minutes I went from feeling 99% blocked about my business to 60% to 40% to 20% blocked! And after another few minutes, I was at 0% blocked!” ~ Eram Saeed
  • “At the end of the session, I actually believed I WAS expert enough and now I know I can do this. I can turn my dream into reality. Divine Light Healing changed everything! I highly recommend it and Karin 100%.” ~ Annmarie E.
  • “At the start of my session, I didn’t believe it was possible for me to see and accept how much time projects that matter to me would take. By the end, which was really only a few minutes later, I genuinely understood that all projects - especially those that matter to me - will take time, and I can plan” ~ Irena Barton

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Karin's Special Offer

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