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Topic: Practical application of the flow of Bio-photonic Energy

Francis Rico

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Ways that bring energetic support for one’s life, for wellness and healing, and for whatever energetic support is needed – from ”youthing” to shaping “reality” in ways that create compounding mutual benefit.

Topic: Parasite Destructuring Process

Kari Alajoki

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In this group process, the group will be brought together energetically to de-structure parasites where they are causing the greatest amount of challenge. The energy will lift and re-vitalize individuals within the group to feel joyful and content.

Topic: Align Your Bagua With
Your Divine Destiny for 2023

Grace Hom

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This group process will allow you to fly high and have fun in 2023. When all areas of your bagua, the spatial and energetic map of your life, are in alignment with your Divine Destiny, you’ll be carried by the waters of your destiny so that you can move forward with ease.

Topic: EMF/5G Tools: Luminous Square &
Electric Violet Sphere

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

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2 free tools given by Virginia's Heart Team to be used on powerful EMF/5G and Radiation frequencies

Topic: Upgrade To Your 5th Dimensional Energetic Template

Hillary Faye

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Upgrade To Your 5th Dimensional Energetic Template

  • Anchor Unity Consciousness to Liberate Yourself from the Constraints of 3D Programming
  • Connect to your oversoul to bring your light body into your physical form.
  • Activate the sixth initiation of ascension to embody your 5th dimensional Self.

Topic: Flatter Belly IN SECONDS!

Nidhu B. Kapoor

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Feel good and confident IN SECONDS!! With just ONE WORD! (No matter what your age) The secret to feeling good and confident!

The Decrees are the quickest language of Alchemy, taking heavy energies and transforming them into gold lightness IN SECONDS! You are only required to say the word or sentence or just hear it and your belly will start to suck in, on it’s own! That flatter belly? That’s the secret to feeling good and confident!

Topic: Scanning and Charging Your Own Energy Field!

Robin Friedman

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Robin will lead you through a process where you can learn how to scan your own energy field, then how to charge up with energy and even hook up to the unlimited source. You need both a good destination programmed in, and plenty of gas in the tank! If the GPS is working just fine but there are kinks in the gas line, you won’t be zooming along towards your destination. We’ll be scanning our own field before and after the charge up process, which will empower you to take success into your own hands.

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