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Week 1

Topic: Releasing Chronic Pains

To begin this process you will plant your feet on the ground and close your eyes. Dipal will begin with deep breathing while she asks you to focus on the pain you are experiencing right now. She will ask you to notice your pain level and the shifts that are happening during this process. She guide the people who can't release the pain to finally let go. It is a relaxing process that gives you instant relief!


Topic: Condensed Version of the Spheres of Acceptance

This process is all about aligning divine perfection for Love, Joy, Peace & Wealth. Whatever you want to release... just open your heart!


Topic: Meeting Archangel Metatron

Witness the infinite lines that connect you to everything as you are present on this glorious grid! This process will help you feel into the expansiveness with the divine layers of love and become aware of the entire universe and the energy of Metatron's Cube.


Week 2

Topic: Success in Life Meditation

Klara will guide you through a powerful meditation, where you can meet with your ancestors who are related to your success in life. You will find your Life Force and the Key to Your Success!


Topic: Clearing Self Judgements

Get ready to become aware of your emotions as you take your awareness to a whole new level! Everything lays within your subconscious and this process will help you gain clarity while clearing all contracts.


Week 3

Topic: How to Create Your Own Holographic Tool

Discover the root cause of what is causing YOUR fatigue as Jade walks you through the 8 Step Process in which afterwards you will know EXACTLY what is the cause behind your fatigue, depression or lack of vitality!!


Topic: Healing Activation

Iona will do a healing activation and upgrade of your light bodies to hold higher frequencies of crystalline energy during this process. She will activate your dormant DNA by using colors, sound, vibrations, and crystals. Also bringing in the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, and magical creatures to help you remember what your gifts are and who your star Family is!


Week 4

Topic: Aligning to Your Perfect Self

You will be guided to set an intention of your hearts desire and Bill will play a group of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls to power up those intentions! The sound vibrations are so incredibly powerful and relaxing.


Topic: 5 Elements Manifesting Process

Prepare yourself for a High Frequency process that will help you activate your very own High Frequency in the 5 Elements field that is deep within you! You will make a connection to the 5 Elements Universal Field of Love... and this will help you collect manifesting frequencies for your higher frequency manifestations. It's soothing, relaxing and powerful!


Topic: Life Force Energy Into Your Body

Dawn does a process that involves the Grounding of your Life Force Energy of your soul into your body to bring you more Energy & Vitality... this will speed up Youth Frequencies for you throughout the group process. This will also help your body heal itself naturally! Amazing energy!


Week 5

Topic: 8D World Harmony Group Activation

This is an 8D World Harmony Group Activation with brand new Goddess frequencies. You will join Gina to infuse the world with miracle vibrations and uplift and empower lightworkers who are transforming the planet against all odds. You will allow the Divine Spirit to guide you and align you with your blueprint.


Topic: Spring Equinox Activation

Ahtayaa will lead an activation that will prepare your energy body and the crystalline grid of the planet to receive the completion codes of illumination during the Cosmic Emergence 2018, from the call to Spring Equinox 2018. This marks the completion of the 2012 Timegate (from 2006 - 2018), which was bridging gateway for the transition from the old holographic template of Earth to the new holographic template of Cosmic Unity and Peace.


Topic: Vibrational Upgrade

Carolin will lead you through a powerful vibrational upgrade technique that will take you on a lovely journey through a forest to experience the most beautiful body of water to cleanse your being and clear yourself of everything that is holding you back. Meet your future self and see what they have to tell you!


Week 6

Topic: Chakra Alignment

This is an amazing and quick process that will aid you in visualizing, balancing and aligning your most out of aligned chakra... immediately shifting you in a new exciting direction. While others may align and balance your chakras for you, Julie will teach you how to do it for yourself! This will leave you with a deep feeling of peace and joy.


Topic: Infinity DNA Activation

This process will help you activate everything that is infinite within you. You will feel the energy being absorbed through every cell of your body. You will use your divine power to move forward on your divine path. The fountain of youth is within all of us... create your reality!


Week 7

Topic: Spring Equinox Activation

Join Alee for a Spring Equinox Soul Board Meeting Experience that will activate the internal body codes necessary to thrive on the planet and shed all previous timelines, ancestral contracts and agreements that have kept you from fully saying yes to the natural human birthright of prosperity, pleasure and trust!


Topic: Pituitary Process

This process will activate the pituitary, aligning the secretion into the natural alignment of the pineal gland. You will be releasing information into your body and augment the feeling of well being. Plus, you will be activating the sensory system of self-love!


Week 8

Topic: Letting Go

Dr Sangeeta Sahi

During this process you will focus on taking deep breathes and letting go of fear, pain, suffering and anxiety. As you continue, you will let go of your mind and body and bring your awareness to wholeness. This will bring you back to your perfect place!


Topic: Golden Light Meditation

Chameice Daniel

During this meditation Chameice will take you on a journey to the home of the Golden Masters... while being there, they will help you see the truth of who you are... your soul truth. This is the "you" that you hide from the world because you are so loving, bright, and powerful... and you deeply fear you are too much for them! Your soul energy will be will shine through as the Golden Masters welcome you!


Topic: Warrior Goddess Activation to Support Powerful Immune System

Jade Yin Hom

This activation will empower you to burn away old limiting beliefs, set healthy boundaries and release hidden and/or repressed anger. You will be empowered to activate your own Athenian Shield so that you can defend yourself against intrusive energies. The energy of the warrior goddesses will help create the healthy boundaries you need in your life!


Week 9

Topic: Grounding Life Force Energy in Your Body to Planet Earth

Dawn Crystal

Allow the energy of this helaing to be absorbed throughout your entire body as you listen to the amazing source energy that Dawn is sharing through incredible sound healings! These frequencies can be used for your higher good and manifesting anything you want!


Topic: Mini Liposuction

Mini Liposuction

During this mini process, you will imagine your body right in front of you... looking right at you as you release all the things that have been weighing you down. You will feel the heaviness within your body lifted and you may even feel like you shed a few pounds during this process!


Topic: Clearing All Energies That Don't Belong to You

Bill Cael

This is a process that will free you of all energies that are not yours and set you in your own frequency and sovereignty. Please set an intention to be free of any and all energies less than love in and around your field that depend on your energy for their survival. Enjoy the shredding to the soothing sound file played here for you during this process.


Week 10

Topic: Golden Imprint of the Divine Heart

Renee Babkiewich

This process is based on the Master Control Center for gilding the Chakras. The dance of the Mother-Father God Presence becomes ONE, opening to the Christ Consciousness of the Golden Imprint of the Heart Energies. The Emotional Body will be lit up and recalibrated to a higher vibration, making manifestation easier and more accessible as the other chakras are supported through the Heart!


Topic: Group Clearing Decree

Nidhu Kapoor

Nidhu begins this process by explaining the basic principles and laws of the Decree. This process will shift your energy in miraculous ways, being felt from your head to your toes. You will be in touch with your feelings as you dial into it... and now you will experience the power of love! Let the release begin...


Topic: Total Love Immersion

Edwin Spina

This is a 5-minute meditation that will infuse you with higher vibrational energy that will bliss you out during this process with infinite divine love. Edwin shares a simple technique that will allow you to immerse in love and share it with anyone, anywhere at any time to help heal them! You are pure love now... so bask in it!


Week 11

Topic: Clearing Trauma from the Womb

Gizella Turbok

This is a powerful womb healing for YOU that will also heal 7 past and 7 future generations! It is designed to examine and clear any limiting energetic imprints that are formed in the mother’s womb. You will experience clearings and energetic downloads from source energy!


Topic: Inner Child Energy Activation and Embrace

JoAnne Bassett

This is a meditation that will help you open your heart to connect with your inner child and an energy activation to start over with them. This will help you to start a new relationship with your inner child now!


Topic: Brain Boost to Heal Toxic Shocks

Cathy Hohmeyer

This super cool activation will provide you with a HOT pink Lightwave energy and guide you to think of the organ of your issue for color healing!


Week 12

Topic: Spirit Enlightened Healing for Anxiety

Gary Pincus

In this meditation, Gary Pincus will ground the energy and connect to Divine Source. As he holds the frequencies of unconditional love, you will feel calmness, self-acceptance and being present in your body. You will also feel the ascended masters and the angelic realms as these divine
frequencies light up every cell of your body.


Week 13

Topic: Sonic Space Sound Therapy

David Chandler

This sound file track is designed to help clear your space, a room and your personal energy field / body by using sounds through Nature! This is intended to be played at a moderate to high volume and you can repeat this as necessary!


Topic: Brain Fog Removal

Virginia Griffiths

This process is designed to clear your brain from brain fog in a very quick fashion and within 5 mins you should feel the difference! This energy can be felt within your heart as your brain fog disintegrates and is completely removed!


Week 14

Susan Elizabeth

Topic: Message in a Song

This process will give you a message about having abundance in all areas of your life! Susan uses her instrument of voice and crystal bowl to bring to you messages that raise your vibration frequency to one that attracts all the abundance you are asking for!


Topic: Abundance Meditation

This process is downloaded at a cellular and DNA level for the Abundant frequencies of wealth, health, Joyful work of doing what you love and came here to do... and even more than we can imagine!


Topic: Time Travel Meditation

This Time Travel Abundance Meditation will clear the abundance issues from your past and pull in the frequencies that align you to your future Abundant Self!


Week 16

Topic: Source Code of Your Soul Reboot

Maureen Damery

This is a meditation that clears and aligns all of your energy fields, connects you with Source, reboots and balances your system to your original unique divine blueprint and brings you back in-line, re-connecting you with your authentic self. This meditation will empower you to create your own realities and live the life you truly desire!


Week 17

Topic: Breath Work Practice

Niraj Naik

This is a type of meditation that works perfectly with a set intention. You will enjoy this special pranayama breath work practice that has been kept secret for 1000s of years that is the basis of Soma healing. This experience will leave you in a place of bliss!


Week 18

Topic: Whole Heart Energetic Reset

Gloria Shaw

This mini healing will activate and align you to awaken your heart and heal your spirit by being reminded of “Who you really are" so you can start the process of opening your heart to love, to the love within, to dissolve, clear, transmute all non loving energies that might be blocking or interfering with self love, healthy relationships with self and all other. This alone will help you return to love, self love, to take the next step... moving forward in LOVE.


Topic: Powerful Abundance Activation

Dawn Crystal

During this activation, Dawn will ground your Soul or Life Force Energy into your body to planet Earth. At the same time she will be upgrading your Wealth Genes & Upgrading your DNA to Unlimited Wealth!


Topic: Releasing Lack of Sincere Desire

Sydney Barrows

This process was designed to help you release and clear the most common “Lack of Sincere Desire” energies that you might be shocked to find out you are carrying. This is also what has been keeping you from being able to lose weight. Allow Sydney to guide you through whatever it is you need to release!


Week 20

Topic: Relationship Meditation

Klara Fischerova

This is a short guided meditation that requires you to focus on a relationship in your life that needs assistance. Klara will invite you to connect to the relationship and look at what has been interfering with it! You will feel relief and have a better understanding of this relationship afterwards.


Week 21

Topic: Healing Activation & Upgrade of Your Light Bodies

Iona Flores

This is a healing activation and upgrade of your light bodies to hold higher frequencies of crystalline energy. Iona will activate your dormant DNA by using colors, sound bowl, chanting, drawing ancient symbols, sending out vibrations, patterns, sacred geometry, and crystals. This healing will benefit you for your highest good and all of humanity!


Week 24

Topic: Source Activation

Janice Noehulani

Allow Janice to guide you through a source activation that will help you step into a new world called the multiverse. This activation is designed to help you release stress and get grounded. You will feel like you are coming into your body with a calmness and feeling of lightness.


Week 25

Topic: Abundance Infinity Healing

Tarek Bibi

Tarek will guide you to pin point the root of your blocks and then receive an infinity healing to clear the beliefs, fears, and emotions of this block. Imagine every cell in your body activating your own sun within you and radiating as it keeps you grounded to the Earth. You will be able to receive and active the abundance infinity healing!


Week 26

Topic: Opening to Receive from Source

Nancy Jean Mirales

Nancy Jean takes you on a short guided, gentle, but powerful journey that will help you open all the channels to new alignment and awaken your channel of receptivity. You will also be able to align your intention with Source. This can help enhance your self esteem and open and balance your power chakra!


Week 27

Topic: Legacy Landscape Activation

Alee Reina Hoffman

This unique process will open up your records and allow you see your energetic landscape as it materializes right in front of you! This Legacy Landscape Activation will guide you to make contact with the true legacy of wealth and love! It will impact your soul that is wanting to call forth this day. Come and explore YOUR landscape now!


Topic: Three Heart Mini Process

Dipal Shah

This mini process will allow you to open up your intuitive house and connect with the three heart system. It will help you release any discomforts and open up any blockages that need to be dissolved now!


Week 28

Topic: Cosmic Heart's Healing Room

Gloria Shaw

Gloria invites you to join her in the Cosmic Heart's Healing Room to get a taste of the Divine Light Experience as she connects with your energy and you receive some incredible Sparkle Lighting Sprinkles! You will feel a golden thread going in through your own heart from Gloria's heart... allowing you to journey with Gloria!


Week 29

Topic: Heavenly Goddess on Earth: Empath Integration

Gina Nicole

This process is really about bringing your energy in and allowing it to surround you in wholeness. It specifically helps you balance your energy as an empath on Earth. Gina calls on the assistance of the lovely Goddess helpers and you will receive an encoded transmission to help you feel more grounded, connected and present in your body!


Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Topic: Group Triple Heart Clearing

You will begin by releasing all the stresses in your energy field. This process will focus on your heart as you journey into this Cosmic Triple Heart Clearing. You will feel the energy entering through your feet, legs and all the way up through your heart space until you feel the three energies in your heart!

Topic: Vortex of Love & Healing Meditation

This process will continue to take you through your golden heart to the vortex... a pure, healing energy that is just above your head. You will feel this throughout your entire body as it moves while balancing, realigning and repairing all and any energies that need it. It is very powerful and healing!


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