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Topic: S.T.O.I.M for sensitivity symptoms

Dr. Karen Kan

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S.T.O.I.M. stands for Stillness through Observing Internal Movement and it is a doorway into Zero point, the seat of all Creation, where you can be One with the Creator. In this place of Being, you can seed any positive intention to supercharge your healing and to jump quantum streams to a positive new reality. In this group process, we guide you through the doorway to access Zero Point and from there, we do TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directive to begin re-calibrating and desensitizing your body's reactivity and lessening your trigger responses. Practicing STOIM, even for seconds at a time throughout the day connects you to the highest Source of all healing and creation.

Topic: I Am Presence Activation

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

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The "I Am Presence" activation will give you what you are needing in the moment. This activation will open you up to connect with your "I Am Presence" in the future for your continued growth. The "I Am Presence" is the spark of God/All That Is/Source which lives in your Sacred Heart!

Topic: Infinity Rap Healing & Activation

Tarek Bibi

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Infinity healing works on all space, time and dimensions. It doesn't matter if the challenge stemmed from a past life, ancestral or collective consciousness... source will work on it in all space, time and dimensions and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors, past lives! This infinity healing brings self love and self acceptance to your entire being.

Comments after Group Process

  • "Tingling all over!" - Lori
  • "Thank you. Wow! A lot lighter." - Sandra S.
  • "Whoa! Can you post that rap?" - Bonnie B
  • "Everything feels brighter already. Thank you Thank you Thank you!" - Joy
  • "Wow, thank you!" - Sara F
  • "Phenomenal! Great rap!" - Sandra S

Topic: Amplify your “Love Magic” Frequencies with Light Language Healing Activation

Jenny Ngo

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Amplify your “Love Magic” Frequencies with Light Language Healing Activation

  • Serves as a catalyst to align you to your LOVE Energy Line™
  • Clearing out old and limiting energies that are in the way of you experiencing the magic of love
  • Experience greater love connection and clarity...perhaps messages or guidance from the Divine

Topic: Easy Button Healing

Vera Mirna

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Easy Button Healing is a potent modality designed to give action takers more ease with getting positive results fast. It eliminates the struggle with manifesting more and provides simple tools that can be used on a daily basis for the rest of your life! Rapid fire clearings will be emerging throughout this process to get at the root of whatever is holding you back from being the best version of YOU!

Topic: Energetic Ozone Therapy Process

Jade Yin Hom

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This process is for healing teeth and gums by working with energy meridians and regenerative energy. It will help diseased and decayed gum and gingivitis using high power energetic ozone therapy! This can be experienced both on a physical and emotional level... with minimal side effects!

Comments after Group Process

  • "I am impressed... I started yawning before she even started.. it was like connecting.. thank you" - Marcine
  • "I got goose bumps! Thank you Jade, my whole life I have had many dental problems." - Elly
  • "Hi Eram and Jade, what a fantastic session!" - Collette
  • "This is so deep and to the root of dis-ease and self esteem! - Rose
  • "This call is touching me very much because I had extra teeth that was taken out. I’m in tears. Thank you for the clearing!" - Pru
  • "Just so JADE KNOWS... she hit the part of the trauma associated and I dissolved in tears.. still crying... and how self empowerment was violated in the wrongful extraction of teeth. That is very powerful.... thank you!" - M
  • "Thank you for all the healing Jade is doing... I’m feeling it strongly and yawing lots!" - Michelle
  • "Thank you for this amazing call... Many blessings to all!" - Winona

Topic: Healing Recalibration Process

Dipal Shah

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This process will help you relax and clear your nervous system as your body calms down. As Dipal begins clearing you will experience energy moving throughout your body! You will feel your heart space open up as you let go... once Dipal does the recalibration, you will feel your frequency get higher!

Comments after Group Process

  • "I really felt my car and home clearing. I'm specially grateful for clearing my office." - Raquel
  • "Yes! That was delicious. Thank you, and blessings to all." - Margarita

Topic: Get Ready for Your Miraculous Destiny

Stewart Pearce

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Make sure you are in your own energy during this process... tuning into the greatest vibration that you feel is possible. Go deep within your hearts council as Stewart works with three of the principal codes allowing you to feel the vibration moving through your body! By breathing in white light... you will experience the energy throughout your entire being!

Comments after Group Process

  • "I felt shivers when Stewart stated the 10th code!" - Anita
  • "Wow wow wow!!! Tears are streaming down my face!! That was so powerful... my whole body is buzzing and hearts racing!" - Amber
  • "WOW! That was an amazing experience. I felt the vibrating and pulsating energy throughout me, then I noticed I was rocking back and forth, then swaying in a circle. My body was being guided by these angelic energies. At the end, I felt this expansive energy surge into my heart. Infinitely grateful," - Penny
  • "Initially, I felt a lot of he proceeded to continue...I felt extreme joyousness in my heart and my heart felt really open by the last code!" - Pamela
  • "Wow indeed! So much opening and movement -- the back heart, throat and front heart. Sacred geometry around and through the body." - Christine
  • "When I opened my eyes, the world -- my living room -- and the world outside my windows was so beautiful I wept. It was alive, colors were far more vivid than usual -- and the peace that passeth all understanding was present." - Melynda
  • "I felt shivers when Stewart spoke the 10th code!" - Annie
  • "Hello Eran and Stweart, thank you for making this beautiful conversation . Amazing, i feel so much love. I felt my heart pulsing just before you even mentioned the heart. Thank you so much. The vibration of the codes are so strong. Feeling so clear. Thank you. Thank you.That was powerful i feel like my energy field is getting rewired!" - Mary
  • "Thank you for the beauty and light. Much love." - Palma
  • "I felt tingling on my spine, and my leg and I felt strong vibrations, like hearing a sound of the vibrations too!" - Maria
  • "Thank you Stewart for your pristine alert Presence! I love you!" - Brooke
  • "The process with the codes was beautiful...had chills going through the right side of my body!" - Lisbeth

Topic: Releasing the Fear of Change and the Fear of Changing Your Life

Sydney Barrows

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This process is all about releasing the fear of change and subconscious beliefs that you can’t change, don’t want to change, aren’t ready to change and or aren’t willing to change. Sydney will ask Source to replace these energies according to your individual needs for your highest and best good!

Topic: Opening To Your Full Worth

Chameice Daniel

Listen to the Process

During this group process you will go into the root frequencies that are blocking you from opening up your full wealth and worth potential! All fears of abundance will be removed and you will be open to receiving!

Topic: Ascension Into The Universe

Janice Noehulani

Listen to the Process

Let this process guide you into the doorway to the Universe where you can access all their healing helpers, those who have ever loved them, and all the information they may ever need! As you journey up onto the bridge... the sun and moon will connect you together!

Comments after Group Process

  • "Thank you Janice. I felt the energy move in my abdomen. It felt like butterflies flickering. I actually received a message (felt like from my higher self- heeheehee) that said you were right on target. Thank you, thank you, thank you Eram and Janice!!!!!" - Angela
  • "Zomg! THAT was the coolest exercise with the palms. I am going to use this all the time. I felt that deep down! That is spiritual muscle training. What a gift...." - Don
  • "Thank you so much Eram and Janice... I'm feeling the little waves! So much love!" - Betty

Topic: Sufi Soul Purpose Acceleration

Mary Halina

Listen to the Process

Awaken the heart of the soul and your soul blueprint by receiving the transmission of the Divine Soul Lights of Source that heals, and fills the chalice of your sacred heart to overflowing! Remember the truth of who you are and what your mission is... open yourself to receive more Love, Light, Expansion, Peace, Safety and whatever the Divine Light of Source knows YOU need! Let the Light of Divine Truth illuminate and breakthrough what’s holding you back!

Comments after Group Process

  • "Thank you so much Eram and Mary. I feel like a Knight Archangel Michael bestowed a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT. The message is to accept TOTALLY WITH TRUST IN MY GIFTS. THANK YOU BOTH FOR YOUR LOVE" - Ruthjean
  • "I loved it... thank you so much; green colour, whirling." - Ana
  • "My heart center have been on the left side of my body, and now it is at the center. Thank you. The energy was out of the roof, and my Master and Teachers were here, are here!" - Lety
  • "The activtions stirred something inside my heart. I feel it moving!!" - Alyna
  • "Hi Eram and Mary this was very powerful. My heart chakra opened up and I feel like I have opened to new energies Very powerful!!! Even now feel peaceful and open. Blessings to you both!" - Sandhya
  • "Oh my goodness I'm bawling my eyes out that's was so powerful! Yesterday was rough and I thought I'd lost my light. I felt my heart expand and was reminded that I am the light and always will be. Thank you so much! I had been so on track but felt completely thrown yesterday until now. I'm so grateful " - Amber
  • "Wow - hips released and was seeing intense orange in 2nd chakra. Strong Divine presence. Thank you!!" - Susan
  • "Dear Eram and Mary, I connected soooo deeply with tears flowing. I saw Jesus in my vision. Thank you... Blessings!" - Nina
  • "Dear Eram & Mary Thank you so much for the activation, my heart chakra is vibrating so strongly. Thank you!" - Sarah
  • "So LOVE hearing all these... YES it worked for me" - Lia
  • "This was wonderful... Shifts for my entire body" - Susann
  • "Beautiful. I saw white light and felt an angel place their hand on the top of my head. Thank you!" - Lisa
  • "I saw myself as a antenna which pulsing circles of rainbow colors, generated from the heart!" - Olha
  • "A wonderful gift of love... Thank you!" - Jane

Topic: Get In Touch With Your Hara Line

Dipal Shah

Listen to the Process

This process will help you clean your space by letting go of the junk... whatever that is not in alignment for your souls purpose. Dipal will open up the channels and align your spine so that you can start healing right here, right now!

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