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Interview with Stewart Pearce

Topic: Angelic Destiny Codes: Achieve MIRACLE MASTERY with the super-charged energies of the New Atlantean Stargate

During this Call with Stewart You Will:

  • Find out from CELEBRITY MENTOR Stewart Pearce where the Atlantean Stargate Portal has opened and what this means for your 2020!
  • Discover THE 12 SACRED CODES that can literally change your DNA into a superstar vibration!
  • Get an INSTANT Karma shift on the call from the 12 Angels of Atlantis so you can finally say GOODBYE to MONEY and RELATIONSHIP DRAMA!!
  • Surely get the inside celebrity secret used by Oscar-winners to MANIFEST BIG MONEY, NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITY and achieve your destiny!!
  • Experience A MASSIVE ENERGETIC SHIFT on the call from stuck-in a rut to a shooting star that magnetizes people’s attention!
  • Get the number 1 question that EVERYONE from stay-at-home mom’s, retirees and World Leaders all want to know from Stewart and the Angels
  • Gain a Special Destiny that is known to the Angels! Don’t miss out on the 12 Codes that the Angels want YOU to have so you can manifest the life you are really meant to have!!
  • Learn why the Angels have suddenly decided to Supercharge Humanity with the 12 Destiny Codes and what it means for your life!!
  • Get the SECRET used by Moses to part the Red Sea with the Atlantean Codes for Destiny and Success.
  • Supercharge your Career Prospects with the Secret Sacred Destiny Codes that the Ancient Atlantean Kings and Queens used to Rule!!
  • Learn how to EASILY make every single moment of your life a shining miracle with the frequencies and encodements of the Angels of Atlantis!!
  • Not Miss out the Soul Reading with the Angelic Emissary that Oprah, Marianne Williamson and Princess Diana love!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Only 33 Sessions With Stewart are Available. These are 60 MINUTE SESSIONS!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Stewart!

  • “Stewart’s gift is incalculable. His timeless wisdom and practical knowledge is unique, and give him a leading edge position as a Master of Voice & Performance who not only coaches but truly heals. Stewart is an inspiration to us all, and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity. We all need Stewart in our lives!” ~ DIANA, Princess of Wales
  • “The melodies created by the Angel’s in Stewart’s work are simply beautiful. Invocation is the prayer of wisdom, and the refuge of the pure. The unique intelligence of this sound healing work opens the scope of the meeting between heaven and earth. Thank heavens for theAngels and Stewart!” ~ LOUISE HAY –Author, Entrepreneur, Legendary HAY HOUSE CREATOR
  • “I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend the work of this extraordinary man to anyone who wants to discover themselves through their most potent art; the sound of their own voice.” ~ Peter Harrison –Director of WATKINS BOOKS, The World’s First Most Respected Spiritual Bookstore (Established London 1983)

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Interview with Susan Sinclair

Topic: Unlock Your Ascension in the 9th AGE OF EARTH: Free Your Soul, Reclaim Your Sovereignty, And Activate Your Most Rewarding Life Path in 30 Days

During this Call with Susan You Will:

  • Learn what THE 9th AGE OF EARTH MEANS FOR YOU--and why it feels so chaotic right now!!
  • Discover the 5 SIGNS that you are actually a Meta-Human Soul on a mission--and what kind of Meta-Human Soul you may be!
  • Find out why you need a Soul Arbiter to fully clear many harmful contracts and energies that are blocking your Ascension!!
  • Experience a process to SAFELY ACCESS YOU OWN AKASHIC RECORDS for personal Soul-level energy healing!!!
  • Get a direct personal sense of your highest Akashic energies being directly downloaded into your system to CHANGE YOUR FUTURE FOR THE BETTER!
  • Discover two essential (but rarely-shared) aspects of EFFECTIVE GROUNDING in these turbulent times--and FEEL THE CALM and STABILITY IMMEDIATELY!!
  • Learn why timelines (including your personal timeline) are especially “FLUID” right now and what to do TO CLEANSE your timeline of needless pain and suffering!!
  • Find out specific WAYS TO ASCEND into your personal best timeline NOW!!
  • And much, much more...

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Receive ALL 4 Group Sessions AND Q&As for immediate download! PLUS, only 20 1-1 Sessions Open for New Year Bookings. These are supercharged 55-minute sessions!

Here’s what clients have to say about Susan!

  • “Susan is THE ORACLE of our times! Her knowing is inter-dimensional and inter-galactic and her voice carries remarkable frequencies of healing! She could read out a nursery rhyme and it would still work 🙂 I worked with her on a most virulent gene in my lineage, and with deep compassion and empathy she proceeded to remove it. In a couple of days I could see that the collateral damage of this gene in my family had reduced. I work with either one or two gifted healers in a year as part of my own growth and Susan's on my list for 2021 🙂 Thankyou, dearest Eram and team, you'll always give us gems!” ~ Nidhu Kapoor
  • “I felt a big relief to understand why I feel the way I do about the things I know! It gave me peace!” ~ Jainene R.
  • “This was super affirming!! It definitely felt good to find the fae and angel puzzle pieces in my life journey!” ~ Rose C., Seattle
  • “There’s something in this session that UNLOCKED IT FULLY--THE DIVINITY THAT RESIDES in all of us, not less worthy or greater from anyone or any being.”~ Leonard, Philippines
  • “The next day after the Free Your Soul session was the best day I had in a long time. I slept wonderfully and felt peaceful all day. Many people were much friendlier to me.” ~ U.A.

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Interview with Wilma David

Topic: Divine White Light Healing: Let Suffering Unwind & Discover Angelic Peace Within

During this Call with Wilma You Will:

  • Find out that Sampaguita Jasminum Sambac Angelic Healing is a POWERFUL HELP in clearing energy blockages!!!
  • Learn that Negative Blockages are caused by attachments from others!!!
  • Discover that Diminishing Life Force Energy results in an UNBALANCED LIFE!!!
  • Discover that YOUR BODY REACTION is always telling you something!!!
  • Find out the SUPER FEELING after an Aura or Chakra Cleansing using my method of Sampaguita Jasminum Sambac Angelic Healing!!!
  • And much, much more …

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Wilma!

  • “I have availed of Wilma's remote healing an I can say it is very powerful and yielded very helpful results” ~ Raidis Gascon
  • “Thanks so much for your healing and my face went back to normal after a week. It's so powerful." Thank you for boosting my immune system too!!” ~ Hilda David
  • “You're aura is beautiful Wilma. I have sensed this since meeting you. I have been off my true path for a long time now due to blockages. I met you for a reason and thank you for clearing my blockages!” ~ Anne Patel
  • “Incredible Experience! I'm already feeling a significant difference! I feel at peace and relaxed. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much”~ Minerva Soriano

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