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Interview with Dawn Crystal

Topic: New Start. New You: Face and Body Sculpting + Youth Renewal From the Inside Out

During this Call with Dawn You Will:

  • Discover the MOST POWERFUL METHOD for Face and Body Sculpting Plus Youth Renewal Fast & Easy!!!
  • Heal YOUR body at THE SOURCE… DNA!
  • Look and Feel the BEST YOU HAVE EVER FELT in years without lifting a finger!!
  • Experience Renewal and Youthful Radiance Fast & Easy!!!
  • Finally SCULPT that body and face WHILE YOU SLEEP!!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Boost Your Vitality & Revive Your Youth Effortlessly Starting Today! Introductory Pricing Available (Limited Quantities)!

Here’s what clients have to say about Dawn!

  • “I am loving the Energy Centers mp3 as I listen to it a few days per week. I am feeling so much more connected and balanced!” ~ Sue
  • “I use the Clear your Energy Body mp3 everyday and I am feeling so much more Peaceful in my body.” ~ Constance (R.I.)
  • “I purchased hour Total Body Tune-Uo program and I always had weight issues even though I didn't eat much. The Metabolism boost mp3 changed my Life and I started losing weight without me even trying. Thank you so much!!!” ~ Melanie (Aus)
  • “I really enjoy the evening renewal mp3 as I am a empath and I tend to take on other people's energy. Boy! this mp3 clears out everything thats not me. Thankyou for such a great product!” ~ Ruth (B.C.)

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Interview with Dipal Shah

Topic: Rapid Fat Loss at Quantum Speed:
The Secret to Losing Weight & Keeping it Off!

During this Call with Dipal You Will:

  • Discover why nearly 40% of American adults are clinically overweight (it is NOT what you think)
  • Understand why you are having a hard time losing weight and keeping it off (it is NOT your fault)
  • Learn the secret to help you lose weight without all the hassle and fad diets
  • Understand why even If you tried every diet plan out there, you still can't seem to lose the weight (it is NOT what you are eating)
  • Learn the #1 cause of losing weight and gaining it back
  • Experience a mini ENERGETIC Liposuction
  • And much, much more...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Dipal!

  • “From 267 lbs, I’m down 66 lbs... I went from a size 24 to a size 14.” ~ Marie
  • “Entire body went limp, I felt like Jello..Lost 10 lbs” ~ Katlyn
  • “I lost 40 lbs and my cravings diminished” ~ Bryan

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Interview with Vera Mirna

Topic: Be Your Ideal Weight: Your Invitation to Finally Break Free from Dieting

During this Call with Vera You Will:

  • Discover HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST even if you’ve tried everything!
  • Find out how the Coronavirus crisis CHANGE THE RULES of metabolism!!
  • Learn How Diets are Energetically Programmed to slowly kill YOU and… WHAT YOU CAN DO instead!!!
  • Find out how simple words have THE ABILITY TO HEAL EVERYTHING!!!
  • Experience the groundbreaking Core Metabolism Balancer live on the call!!
  • And much, much more …

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Vera!

  • “My face was more relaxed, uplifted, younger, attractive. Brighter skin, softer, refreshed. Tummy is a bit tighter!” ~ Golda
  • “Weight-wise I-2 kgs dropped and some improvements in bloating!” ~ Reani
  • “Lost 11 and a half inches off my body in TWO WEEKS! (in four personal training sessions , lots more walking and cutting out pizzas and crisps)” ~ J.K.
  • “Since the whole pandemic started my nervous eating habit came back with a vengeance. The Trigger Word Treatment has really boosted my ability to deny sugar’s sweet hold!”~ Lee

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