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Please read our Blog Posts. Let us support each other by sharing our intentions and our progress as we go on this healing journey together.

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Interview with Niky Rey

Topic: Break Free From the Hidden Shackles on Your Way to Ascension!

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Here’s what others are saying about Niky

  • “Hi Niky, I just wanted to let you know how you have changed my life! I bought your original PICNIC through Eram's program. I used the picnic release and picnic story container multiple times. One such story was about the anger and need to control that my husband has had for over 20 years. Within days, this changed, I noticed a drastic difference in how he responded to things and the things he used to react to, he no longer did. This was huge!!! The next thing that changed was that my business sales doubled this past December compared to last December. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help! I so deeply appreciate it!” ~ Mellisa
  • “I met a totally awesome man 18 yrs. younger than me who really digs me. In fact, he refers to me as his "Dream Woman". The weirdest thing is, this is the most free I've ever felt to be me in a relationship! I confess, it’s been a topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride for the past couple weeks. The crown jewel of this experience though, is that I've discovered how good it feels to be a queen of neutral either way yet strong enough to set boundaries effortlessly, with absolute confidence and honesty. Also, my mom and I've been having an especially rough time for over a year. Then, out of the blue, she sends me a large birthday check I didn't expect. This stunned me! I can now do a pricey exercise class I've been really wanting to do! I'm like a newborn woman emerging from my contracted, stuck, stagnant identity. Expanding out of the shell of my lesser self, becoming my true expression of whom I truly wish to be... What a great feeling! Unstuck in relationships & money dept! In Flow with Source energies, Yayyyy! Thank you soooo much Niky Rey!” ~ Shamer

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Interview with Lanna Spencer

Topic: The New Wave of Human Being Paradigm Shift from 3D to 5D

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Here’s what others are saying about Lanna

  • “The MP3 is amazing!! My head went into full extension and I experienced all the joy and light you built into this technology. Brava!!! It is Very impressive and had a profound effect on me. Thank you! Great Job!!!” ~ MBA Portland, Oregon
  • "Born clairvoyant, I like to describe Lanna as “clair­everything.” She has vision and knowing, and a gracefully easy way of explaining her insight and wisdom. I trust her with my deepest secrets and would recommend her work wholeheartedly to anyone ready to shift and reclaim more of who they really are. Or really to anyone who needs more laughter, love and play in their lives. We need more of what Lanna brings to the earth now more than ever. Her gifts are beyond words... and my love and appreciation for her life’s worth is immeasurable. My life is forever changed from her teaching and compassionate tutelage. Her magical message is one of peace, love and play!"~ MaryBrownBear

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Interview with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Topic: Master Your Divine Energy Matrix

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Here’s what others are saying about Virginia

  • “Virginia is a gentle and compassionate healer. In just one session, Virginia and her team of Angels removed entities, repaired tears in my auric field, cleared my etheric, emotional and mental bodies/fields, cut cords, repaired some damage to my chakras and so much more. I don’t always feel anything when I receive energy work but I could definitely feel energy shifting in my body and I felt tingling sensations during these processes. Towards the end of the session I felt bright, expansive and blissful and I continued to feel this way after the session. The sensation of blissfulness and peacefulness was a new and wonderful experience for me. We worked on my lack of self worth that stemmed from this lifetime as well as past life times and also had genetic and ancestral origin. We also worked on my doubts around my intuitive abilities. The following day after my session with Virginia I was surprised and really pleased to notice a new level of confidence when I was doing healing work and I also felt a deeper trust with my work. Thank you so much Virginia.” ~ Lesley
  • “Thank you to a BackStage Pass, on Tuesday I had an amazing 1 on 1 session with Virginia Rounds Griffiths. I most said that was a complete overhaul, she scanned and cleared me of entities, she cleared the energy of my physical and spiritual bodies, 1 by 1. She scanned and clear implants, she cleared all my chakras, again 1 by 1, with loving patience and care. After all the clearing, she finally reconnected me with divine source. Not only that, but she taught me how to keep clean of all the energies that do not belong to me. I felt like new! Was the most comprehensive work I have experience. Thank you so much Virginia! you rock!” ~ Martha Umana

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Interview with Mia Den Haan

Topic: Your Soul's Journey and Your Success with help of Spirit

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Here’s what others are saying about Mia

  • “I have had the great pleasure of working with Mia for some time now. Her integrity is impeccable and her ability to hone in on blocks and clear them is remarkable. She works at very high level planes to access the information and once the clearings are complete there is no need to return to those issues again. She is capable of tuning into and working on issues beyond the individual thus aiding in altering human experience on a larger scale. It has taken me but a mere several months to reach the level of steady happiness in my life that I am living today. I have more success in my work, more confidence in myself, and my life has transformed quite notably. I have magical moments occurring on a daily basis, my intuition is expanding and I mostly experience inner peace these days. When I do feel a little out of synch, I am able to get back into alignment quickly. I am so grateful for the work I have been able to do with Mia and for her mastery of the highest order. I continue to work with her on a regular basis.” ~Betsy Shands - US
  • “I found the healing experiences with Mia excellent and noticed marked improvements particularly with my walking. Because of the MS I needed a walking aid before I started Mia’s healings. After several of her healings I can now walk virtually unaided. Thanks to the channeled information Mia received through her guidance I was also able to get a lot more insights about many of the core issues behind my Multiple Sclerosis. Because of these news insights I can now cope much better. I am still able to volunteer my time several days a week and I can still help many families or people in need. Also some of Mia’s spiritual tools have provided additional help.” ~ Gea S. - Enschede, Netherlands

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Interview with Andie DePass

Topic: Male Microchimerism - Awakening the Remembrance Within

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Here’s what others are saying about Andie

  • “Andie I wrote tell you that my boss called me up out of the blue to give me an exceptional money bonus this month!! This never happens! I am definitely in an abundance flow thanks to you, much love and thanks" ~ Rym D.
  • “Andie glad to hear there will be another package. I am very interested. This 30 day program has been wonderful. I love it -- I love you – you have changed my relationship with money. Andie I received a monetary gift from my Dad for my 50th birthday. It shocked me. He did not have to give that much and he did. The money is flowing in and out like it should. Andie Depass you have changed my life!!!!"~ Sandhya D.

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