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Topic: Attracting Your Soul friends, Tribe, Family, and Mate!

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Esther!

  • “I heard about Esther Bartkiw through Eram Saeed'stelesummit from Heartache to Joy. I was intrigued by the Bosnian pyramid energy I felt on the call and booked a session with her. Esther was able to assist me in releasing an entity that was sabotaging my life for 40 years since early childhood, in just one 30 min session. It is the first time I experienced such tangible immediate results in energy work. I feel that my life just begun after 40 years ” ~ K. N. Ontario, Canada.
  • “During my session with Esther we removed an alien energy from my body that was plaguing me for lifetimes. In the days after our session, the release continued and I have now let go of hundreds of entities that I was keeping safe from the alien in my body for hundreds of years. I was holding onto these entities in my body to control the alien energy. They affected me physically in my lungs, tailbone and leg. I continue to release these outside energies from a very deep place in my body. The healing is underway. I am freeing myself and getting ready to finally move into my heart.” ~ Eric D.V. France
  • “I started off with 11 Entities inside of me. Nine were people and two were places. Their intensity was 8/10. By the end of the session I was down to three entities and an intensity of 3/10. Wow that was wild.” ~ P. Perry

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Topic: All About Entities: How to Selfhack and take back your own power!!!

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Lisa!

  • “When I had my session with Lisa I was extremely sick and had been battling an illness with little resolve for several weeks. During my session I could literally feel the virus being lifted out of my body, just layers upon layers of dark sludge being removed. After my session was over I felt lighter, rejuvenated, and more energized!! I am forever grateful for Lisa’s work, she is such an amazing healer!!” ~ N.G.
  • “I called Lisa in a panic one day when I felt this very strong abusive energy come into my field. I had never experienced something like this before and it was affecting everything in my day! I was anxious and in a state of chaos. Lisa stepped in, took the negative energy by the horns and showed me how to protect myself from these energies when they come in. After our short call, I felt so much calmer and equipped with the tools to handle the situation should it arise again. I love all the ways Lisa continues to empower me every day!” ~ T.A.

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Topic: Are you a "Hue-Man Being" who entities are attracted to? Clear your Energetic Field from Lifetimes of turmoil and debris!

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Andie!

  • “I would like to thank Andie Depass from the bottom of my heart for my session today. It too was an OMG experience.!!!!!!! She cleared 3 entities that has played havoc with my digestive system for the past 3 years. One entity did not want to leave and she took it on herself. I am a healer myself and during my sessions I feel the clients emotions and would belch in varying depths during the sessions. I too had imprints that affected my visibility as a healer and not wanting to be seen. I am elated with the session today and so look forward to the classes offered with this purchase. If anyone is questioning having a session with Andie I would definitely recommend her because she is very unique and truly gifted with a very generous and Loving disposition. She also recommended eating food of the season and no gluten (glue). She has so much information to share. With much Love, Light and Gratitude . Blessings..” ~ Sandra Howie
  • “My experience with Andie DePass was truly life changing. I took Andie’s class, I had a 1:1 session, and I can say first hand her process is extraordinary. Her intentions for your growth are Divine. Combining her years of knowledge and research, with her compassionate nature, she will help you to reach further than you could imagine and become your highest and best self. She will take you to your Truth, she has a way of tapping into who you really are, even if you forgot, and help you realize you are a beautiful soul. She makes learning, growing and change a joyful process. Change and being honest with yourself can be ugly and Andie makes it doable as she walks with you at your own pace with a smile on your face. She is pure joy. Her tools are so very effective. She will give you new spiritual routines to do on a daily basis to strengthen you along your path. I resonated with Andie and her powerful tools brought me such love and peace. Using her tools with consistency, you will be so amazed on how you can shift your life immediately. Andie’s work is for everyone, if you are new to a spiritual path or if you are well on your way, no matter, she has the personalized healing for you. If you want your life to look different, I highly recommend Andie DePass.” ~ Annette Lowe
  • “OMG!!! I purchased Andie DePass's package. Just finished my 30 minute reading with her. She is truly amazingly gifted. She immediately focused in on my purpose here, what a gifted healer and spiritual messenger/teacher I am and how I'm supposed to be doing this on a world stage. While I DO feel that and everything she said resonated with me, I asked why that isn't happening just yet. She immediately got the imprint I came into this world with that is blocking my trajectory and my soul's purpose. As soon as she said it, I knew it was spot on. Now, that it's clear, I can move forward and BE VISIBLE and of service for the good of all in the way it was intended for me to be. Can't thank you enough, Andie!!! If Andie's perceptions are accurate, in the future, I may be one of the people you have on your show, Eram!!! Can't wait for your classes, Andie!!! Much love, light and blessings” ~ Sharon Rinaldo

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Topic: Entity Clearing and Healing Made Easy! Transform your Life & Reclaim your Light!

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Jenny!

  • “Jenny.., the real deal!!! As she started working on the issue I could sense shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out. I'm impressed with her in depth knowledge and explanation about her process. That's really amazing!!!!” ~ Aparna Vemuri, Inner Alchemy Facilitator
  • “My thumb really hurt bad and swollen all day. I took pain medicine but still not work. Jenny did some energy work for few minutes and fixed it. It has been 5 months, no more problem since. It’s a miracle. Now I believe. Thanks Jenny!” ~ Michelle Lee, North Carolina, USA
  • “Jenny Ngo, has identified many dark entities and spirits and is closely working to dissipate them from my auric field. The most interesting aspect of this team work was that I was not aware that I was carrying around so many spirits. From time to time, I would see spirits, though mostly around other people and in other situations. When Jenny pointed out to me that I had my very own contingency of spirits and that their purpose was to feed off of my energy and we worked together as she dispelled them, I felt freer, happier and more content. Using Jenny’s MP3 has helped to stabilize the energy around me, and is a very entertaining experience. I would strongly recommend a session or more with Jenny, as in a session with her as well as MP3, you can take over and keep your auric field clear.” ~ H. K., North Carolina, USA

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