Interview With Grace Hom

Topic: Energetic upgrade for eyesight, insight & vision

During this Event You Will:

  • Know you’re here to anchor a new vision for your life and for planet Earth?
  • Have eyesight OR vision issues? (You won’t believe what we have for you!)
  • Want to trust your insights and work with your Third Eye?
  • Want to be able to perceive messages from beyond?
  • And much, much MORE...

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Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Grace!

  • "I woke up and felt amazing today. No neck pain, no back pain and my vision seems clearer. I ate a really healthy lunch and seemed to be generally more efficient and active today. Can't wait to see what else unfolds! Thank you so much, Grace. Your work is powerful!" ~ Jill K
  • "I have known Grace for a few years and from the very start I felt she was astutely aware of subtle energies. When Jade worked with me, she opened huge doorways of change and gently nudged me to walk through such changes effortlessly. Her incredible insights and healing energies have helped me tremendously move past my fears, emotional barriers, and physical discomforts. She is very non-judgmental and I always feel safe with her. I never thought such an unassuming person would have such a profound healing effect on me. Please see for yourself. Grace can truly help you." ~ Therese
  • "Dear Grace, I want to THANK YOU so much for the healing sessions I've had with you. I was in my deepest state of depression. I didn't even have the energy to do basic chores like walking. I have always been very high energy (talking fast, walking fast and doing everything in lightning speed) but the depression I was in suckedthe life out of me. It took so much effort to even walk. I had no drive ormotivation and was also having an extremely tough time focusing. I noticed the big 180 degree shift when I walked out on the street right after my first healing session with you. I realized that with every step I took, I was more energized. I noticed it also took much less effort. My energy field was much improved as well and I definitely felt that the feeling of despair and depression were reduced. I have been out of that state of depression since that healing. Thank You so much, Grace, for saving my life and my soul! ~ Jade N.

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