Immune System Booster - MP3
Value: $90

This powerful MP3 will give your immune system an energetic upgrade so that you have immunity against psychic free radicals (other people’s judgments, issues, projections and anger). It will clear all the negativity in your energy field, release any energetic distortions and stop energy leakages that may contribute to a compromised immune system.

Your immune system will be re-aligned to it’s Divine Blueprint so that it’s in resonance with a health and strong immune system. Great to use when you feel symptoms of the seasonal cold/flu. Also when you feel tired and drained.

You immune system is also about your sense of self so this immune booster will energized your sense of self giving you a sense of being that feels powerful and grounding. Great to use for the times when you feel pulled in too many directions. Will also quiet mind chatter.

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