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Interview with Nidhu Kapoor

Topic: Coronovirus Energy Antidote: A Powerful Antidote To Be Used Just 22 Minutes A Day

During this Call with Nidhu You Will:

  • Find out how RESULTS show up internally WITHIN SECONDS And.. externally WITHIN 24 HOURS! (What more can you ask for!!).The more sensitive amongst us can sense the shift instantaneously!!!
  • Discover the bountiful power of just 1, 2, 3 and 4 magical words to FULFILL YOUR dreams
  • Learn to become YOUR own neuroplastician in FIVE MINUTES! Heal YOUR brain with just ONE SENTENCE!!
  • Learn to HEAL your brain, HEAL YOUR life
  • Gain confidence, positivity and lightness And... awareness in just TWO WORDS AWAY!!!
  • And much, much MORE..

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Coronavirus Antidote Reveled. Get Started Now!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Nidhu!

  • “In 24 hours of the speedster session, I got the funds needed for my child's education!” ~ Florence A
  • “In 10 mins, discolouration with eczema had blended with the skin and become lighter. In 15 mins, the skin was even lighter. And we used just one technique!” ~ Bianca B.
  • I was so stunned that I was breathing better in 5 mins that we had to look for something else to work on in the remaining 5 mins!” ~ Beena M.

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Interview with Grace Hom

Topic: Quantum Leap Your Immunity: Supercharge Your Immune System

During this Call with Grace You Will:

  • Discover how to take A Quantum Leap in immunity and BE SAFE from infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and fears… RECHARGE YOUR ENERGY with high vibration healing frequencies so that No Disease Can Touch YOU!!!
  • Learn to UPGRADE TWO NEW ORGANS that are responsible for the spread of disease to STAY HEALTHY while being in Vibrational Resonance with Health, Vitality, and Joy!!!
  • Learn to turn your suffering from Chronic Fatigue into Exuberant Life of JOY by allowing yourself TO EMBODY YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL!!!
  • Discover why working with two new organs that are energetically connected with emotional fluidity will give your life A WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE, allowing you to heal what has been holding you back to move forward with EASE and JOY and even to MAKE MORE MONEY!!
  • Learn how to create Supportive, Emotional and Energetic Boundaries to have your OWN TIME, GAIN ENERGY and live a life with GREATER JOY… This will also support the healing of chronic fatigue, inflammation and pain conditions!!!
  • And much, much more...

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Supercharge Your Immune System So You’re Safe From Viruses, Infections, And Fears. Get Started Now!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Grace!

  • “I was taking eleven different supplements and after one session with Grace, I no longer needed six of them and the dosage was cut in half for the remaining five! Most issues with my thyroid have completely cleared!” ~ Renee E. of Denver
  • “Grace has a unique and joyful approach to healing. Her work goes deep into the underlying causes of energetic imbalances or dis-ease. She is extremely versatile and continues to add varying techniques to her sessions such as gazing and light language. Grace's work is nothing short of awesome!” ~ Carolyn, Dublin, Ireland
  • “Before the live session, I was in my 3rd week of flu, the morning after the live session I felt so much space around my chest and had more energy than the other 3 weeks combined. The issue went from a 9 to a 4 During the live session and replay, I yawned and laughed so much!.” ~ Monique, Europe

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Interview with Sanjay Nimar

Topic: Deep Protection from Virus and other dangers through 24 hour Lifetron Energy

During this Call with Sanjay You Will:

  • Learn how 24 Hour Lifetron Energy Protects YOU and YOUR FAMILY from Viruses, Anxiety and Depression, EMF, Health Issues, Financial Issues, Negative People, and Physical Harm!!
  • Find out why Lifetron Energy IS SO EFFECTIVE in meeting YOUR need for Protection!!!
  • Discover what your “Knowing” Level of Consciousness is and why a Change at that Level is NECESSARY for PROTECTION and HEALING!!!
  • Find out why Lifetron Energy Healing has over 460+ Google Verified 5-star Reviews!!!
  • Learn the intention and need with which The Lifetron Healing System came into existence 10 years ago and... How it is fulfilling the purpose it was created for!!
  • And much, much more...

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24-7 Protection for 30 Days! Get Started Now!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Sanjay!

  • “Sanjay Nimar is an incredibly powerful healer. I have invested in many healers and although I did make progress with others, the combination of Sanjay's Lifetron therapy and personal sessions is truly a miraculous combination for personal growth and healing." ~ Melissa
  • “Within 30 minutes Sanjay found my core wound. A repeated pattern that got setup at a very young age. He not only found the issue, but also healed this issue. The results of the healing kept unfolding over several weeks for me.” ~ Jackie
  • “I highly recommend Lifetron and the personal sessions with Sanjay. This program is able to quickly uncover the deep rooted subconscious patterns of why you are stuck or having the same undesirable experiences. I appreciated and felt blessed to have access to personal sessions ” ~ Judy

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