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Interview With Nidhu B. Kapoor

Topic: Flatter Belly Boost: Make that mid-life flab a thing of the past IN SECONDS!

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn that Piling On The Pounds and Making Your Belly Protrude is the worst thing you are doing right now!
  • Learn that YOUR MENOPAUSAL WEIGHT GAIN has nothing to do with menopause!
  • Have the power of a FLATTER BELLY in SECONDS and MINUTES!
  • Get the Workout results IN SECONDS WITHOUT having to work out!
  • Sort out your mid-life belly and body with just ONE WORD!
  • Feel good and confident IN SECONDS!!
  • Discover the 11 SHOCKING TRUTHS about a flabby belly (and what to do about it IN SECONDS!)
  • GET THAT CONFIDENT FLATTER BELLY and feel like a million bucks by just saying ONE WORD!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Midlife and menopausal big belly woes, GONE IN SECONDS! Get Started Now with Your Trial Period and See the Results for Yourself!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Nidhu!

  • "I can breathe easier. The decrees are my best friend. Love them! They have changed my life” ~ Berlin Rose
  • "WOW! Weighed myself after my weekly Sauna session and found myself 2 lbs lighter since last week! This is after last night’s call” ~ Vijaya G
  • "Want to let u know that I HAVE reduced my weight recently from 56kg To 50kgs and my clothes don't fit any more!!! Woohoo” ~ F. P.

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Interview With Hillary Faye

Topic: 5th Dimensional Upgrade: Activate Your 5-D Energetic Template to PERMANENTLY Break Free From 3D Programming Constraints!

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn the secret to EFFORTLESSLY anchor 5th-dimensional consciousness!
  • Discover why now is the time to EMBRACE YOUR 5th-dimensional CITIZENSHIP!
  • Understand the KEY TO BRIDGE THE GAP between 3D and 5D!
  • Learn why the 3rd dimension can feel sticky and HOW TO GET UNSTUCK!
  • ACTIVATE YOUR 5D ENERGETIC template to free yourself from 3D programming!
  • And much, much MORE..

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Experience a Whole New Level of Consciousness and Unlock Your True Potential at a Fraction of the Cost. Prices Going Up Soon! Get Started Now.

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Hillary!

  • "Hillary is such a incredible person that just being in her presence and learning anything from her is very powerful." ~ Meaghan Sittler
  • "Hillary is a wealth of knowledge, love and an inspiration to everyone who gets the chance to learn from her." ~ Angela Brutto
  • "Hillary has been my guide and my greatest teacher of all. She helped me start living the life of my dreams!" ~ Sara Sanguino

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Interview With Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Topic: Energetic EMF Neutralizer: Heal & Protect Your Body &
Environment in a Toxic World

During this Event You Will:

  • Discover 2 FREE TOOLS given by my Heart Team to be used on powerful Emf/5G and Radiation frequencies!
  • Learn to EMPOWER and PROTECT YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY from EMF/5G and Radiation!
  • Find out How susceptible are young brains from EMF damage!
  • Learn about the many real dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies to your health!
  • And much, much MORE..

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ONLY 30 Private Sessions Available With Virginia. Plus Get 20% Off When You Sign Up Now!!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Virginia!

  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you Virginia for your wonderful healing on technopathic stress in my home! Wow have I been enlightened! I wasn’t aware how negative my home router and computer next to my bedside table could be having such a detrimental effect to my overall mental health!”
  • ““During the session I could feel her clearing the energy around my head and chest. I felt like I was coming out from under a dark cloud and I feel so much lighter and happier.”
  • “Thankfully now, I use one of her pendants that protects me from harmful radiation waves, which has been a real God send and I use this in conjunction with the MP3s which are very soothing and meditative..”

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Interview With Grace Hom

Topic: Your Personal Mandala: Health, Success and Divine Destiny with the Bagua

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn to be THE IMPACT rather than the victim… As you learn to be the impact, life will support you to create your best one!
  • Find out how to Align your Bagua with your Divine Destiny to create changes in all areas of life and support you to live your best life!
  • Discover that every part of our Bagua Has Hidden Gifts As Well As Hidden Set-points… clear the set-points to receive the gifts so that life becomes magical and joyful!
  • Learn the MOST POWERFUL WAYS to make comprehensive changes in your life!
  • And much, much MORE..

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Transform Your Life with the Power of the BAGUA! Introductory Prices Available for a Limited Time ONLY!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Grace!

  • “I am absolutely blown away by this. I have never even heard of a Bagua and when I listened to the one on self-love and acceptance, I instantly felt a shift in all areas of my life. I know there is no way to return to the way I was before. This is the final shift I have been looking for!” ~ Jennifer Funt, Healer
  • “I feel lighter, less pain and hopeful about the future. I feel more joy, more grounded and emotionally secure. My sclerosis of the spine is not as pronounced as it used to be, the tightness I used to feel in my chest is actually no more. My gums feel better and a lot less inflamed. I also had upper back pain from an old accident which I don't feel at all. I basically feel wonderful all around, thanks to you.” ~ Nusaibah
  • “I was sick with the flu/cold. My body was in very much pain. The connective tissue & bones were very sore. I even had a hard time moving, sitting & laying down. After the session with Grace, I'm healed from pain and flu. These 2 new organs — the interstitium and mesentery, Grace worked on are now healed. I feel freed from my past traumas. I'll feel so much better. I thought I might have to go to the doctor. But after the session I am healed. Awesome.” ~ Ida Mcgerrigle

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Interview With Francis Rico

Topic: Practical Magic: Step Into The Real of
Expansive Possibilities & Create Alternatives!

During this Event You Will:

  • Find out the REALMS OF MAGIC AND MIRACLE THAT SURROUND US, (but we don’t see them – until we do)!
  • Learn how to tap into Creation’s irresistible FLOW OF RESOURCES, inspiration, well-being, and ABUNDANCE!
  • Discover the “gift” of you is not “special” – YOU ARE ESSENTIAL!
  • Experience a simple practice that you can do to change the “reality” that surrounds you in POSITIVE, LIFE-AFFIRMING WAYS!
  • And much, much MORE..

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20 Private Sessions Available with Francis! Book Your 90 Minute + Additional 30 Minute Follow Up Session Today!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Francis!

  • “As a coach in shamanic practices, Francis is pure magic – he sees the hidden obstacles, and finds a way to shift the energies that are invested in protection into fluidity and liberation.” ~ Jen Freeman
  • “From insecurity regarding my gifts, to standing on a solid foundation of pure Spirit, Francis has supported my realization that my gifts are essential to our world.” ~ Ben Carlman
  • “Francis taught me that PLAY was profoundly more potent and productive than WORK. And that’s what I teach now – that playful “flow” is healthy and productive, while the hard work of “control” is an illusion.” ~ Barbara Novak

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Interview With Kari Alajoki

Topic: Quantum Parasite Cleanse: Eradicate Parasites to Instantly Heal & Restore Your Body's Hormonal, Digestive & Brain Health!

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn what impact PARASITES might be having ON YOUR BRAIN HEALTH!
  • Discover the unexpected area where PARASITES ARE COMMONLY FOUND … HINT: It’s not in your liver!
  • Learn the most common way YOUR FIELD IS BEING IMPACTED and what it means for you!
  • Find out what YOUR SLEEP PATTERNS may be telling you…
  • Learn how ‘Losing Big’ can be a good thing…Lose stress, worry, and weight!
  • And much, much MORE..

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Improve ALL Areas of Your Health By Both Eradicating AND Preventing Parasites! Early Bird Prices Available Now!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Kari!

  • “I love the parasite program. Since I have been listening to it, I have been sleeping better and I don’t have to wake up two or three times at night anymore. Thank you Kari !” ~ Caro S.
  • "I am loving the mp3 s. Definitely losing weight. Hooray." ~S.G.
  • “My husband gradually just quit using his reading glasses!” ~ E.S.

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Interview With Rani Virdee

Topic: MED PODS: The One-Step Solution to take control and Unlock Infinite Health

During this Event You Will:

  • Take CONTROL and COMMAND HEALING in the order of YOUR priority!
  • Discover a NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to IMPROVE your Health and Well Being that you can control!
  • Learn to go to bed sleeping in your own Energetic Healing Chamber!
  • Feel PROTECTED and RECEIVE HEALING ENERGIES for all your issues 24/7!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Return to the Healthiest You've Ever Been in this Lifetime with Energetic Med Pods! Available for a Limited Time Only

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Rani!

  • "Valerie felt supported and was more focused, she lost weight, gained confidence and is now excited for the future."
  • "Pam’s original issue was dry, crepey skin and now the skin on her legs feels much smoother and feels less dry and crepey. "
  • "Susann’s experience has been very good, for her brain functions. She had Fatigue Syndrome and noted her brain fatigue has shifted a lot during the program, 90% of her problems are healed."

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Interview With Sohail Khan Yousafzai

Topic: Become a Quantum Jumper Program
Discover How to Fly Through Dimensions with Sohail!

During this Event You Will:

  • Discover why Quantum Jumping is a skill that we are ALL capable of, even YOU!
  • Learn EXACTLY what is needed to become a Quantum Jumper (and why it's much EASIER than you think!)
  • Understand how you can read people's past, present and future (and get paid for it too!)
  • Discover how you can be one of the 10 LUCKY PEOPLE who will have the opportunity to learn from the MOST accurate oracle you have ever met!!!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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10 Spots Now Open to Become a Quantum Jumper LIVE with Sohail!!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Sohail!

  • "This was truly the most profound reading of my entire life!" ~ Liz
  • "After my session was over I was in a daze thinking of everything he said!" ~ June
  • "Transcendental level up from other oracles I have consulted!." ~ Maria

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