Regeneration & Rejuvenation - MP3
Value: $75

This TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing energy-infused MP3 will jump start your body's regenerative powers by downloading and activating the blueprints necessary for regeneration and ensuring that your Higher Self is maximally aligned with Divine Source in guiding the regeneration process. Frequencies of raw materials needed will also be infused and the program will automatically customize this for each person if it is necessary. Blocks and interferences preventing you from tapping into your innate regeneration powers will also be removed layer by layer as you continue listening to this MP3. After listening once to the full audio, you can then turn off the volume to listen to it "silently" and just intend the healing be done for you. You may also charge any beverage with these frequencies by playing the MP3 and focusing your attention on the beverage. Within 9 seconds the beverage will finish charging. It is suggested to use this healing MP3 at least 2x per week for maximum benefit.

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