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Regular Price for 3 x 60 Min Sessions is $1000

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $597 only!

A Whopping 50% off on World-Class Spiritual Support & Counselling!

Yes! I want 3 Private Sessions with Karen

Free yourself to
find your Divine Purpose!

Are you ready to be free
of what blocks you?

In 3 one-hour sessions I’ll have time to attune to your unique frequency and we can dive really, really deep. We’ll release your unique blend of patterning that’s blocking you from finding and fully expressing your Purpose. In these longer sessions we have the time to attune to and release the deeper, more hidden blockages such as…

  • Ancient vows where you gave away your Power
  • Curses that are blocking you from accessing your Power
  • Negative energies and entities
  • Misuse of Power (in this life and/or past lives)

What’s holding you back?

Emotionally charged beliefs that tell you…

  • You’re not deserving
  • You’re not enough
  • You’re not pure enough
  • You’re can’t trust yourself
  • You’re can’t trust the universe
  • The world isn’t safe
  • It’s too dangerous to be seen
  • You aren’t smart enough, evolved enough, etc.
  • You make bad choices
  • You’re untrustworthy
  • Doing what you want is selfish

Fear of…

  • Being triggered, frozen & your mind going blank
  • Uncertainty
  • Being seen and in the limelight
  • Being embarrassed
  • Being unsafe


  • Being wrong, making mistakes
  • Others’ jealousy or envy
  • Others’ disapproval
  • Being attacked
  • Your own Power
  • Shining

Trauma (originating from this life, past lives, ancestral memory, etc.)…

  • From accidents
  • From assaults (sexual, physical, emotional & energetic)
  • From violent deaths
  • From horrific torture
  • From heartbreak

Are you ready to know your Divine Purpose?

It’s all this old trauma and fear that’s blocking you from finding your Purpose. It’s all so noisy that you can’t “hear” your Higher Self’s quiet, small voice. When it’s noisy inside everyone has a difficult time discerning between mental chatter and directives from our Spirit, our Higher Selves.

It’s quite a simple matter to clear out all that “guck” and reconnect you with You, your Higher Self, where you can KNOW your Divine Purpose. When these noisy energies are cleared out of your field, the inner conflict between polarities is silenced. Then, you can hear/feel/sense the inner promptings, Then, you can discern the difference between the mental chatter and the vibration of your Spirit.

Within 3 one-hour sessions we can release a huge chunk of those noisy, limiting patterns that keep you from finding your purpose!

And the cool thing is that we don’t have to waste time finding out where a pattern originated from in order to release it. Horrific past-life stories can retrigger us and hinder a complete release. On occasion some past-life details do arise when this knowledge assists in a total release.

Those limiting patterns, emotions, beliefs, etc. will be released from anywhere and everywhere they exist…

  • Past lives, present & future lives
  • Ancestral memory, cellular memory & the DNA
  • The physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels of your Being
  • All timelines, dimensions and universes, known & unknown

And, you don’t need to know what an emotional upset is about or where it originated to release it!

Get ready to embrace your Innate Brilliance and…

  • Access true, unshakable confidence
  • Experience a deep-felt trust in yourSelf, your intuition & the Universe
  • Trust in your abilities
  • Feel safe to Be & express YOU
  • Feel the rightness around charging for your services
  • Open to receive abundance in all forms
  • Fully take in love, support & appreciation from others
  • Feel good enough… inside & out
  • Truly love yourself
  • Feel confident & strong
  • Feel really comfortable & safe in your skin
  • Discern your next step with confidence, clarity & ease
  • Attract more positive experiences into your life
  • Finally Be free to fly!
  • And Know that all is well ☺

Exclusive Offer 50% Off!

Regular Price for 3 x 60 Min Sessions is $1000

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $597 only!

A Whopping 50% off on World-Class Spiritual Support & Counselling!

Yes! I want 3 Private Sessions with Karen

Profound Fear Cleared in Minutes!

"Due to some issues with my irrational neighbor, I was plagued with the stress of being sued. I thought too much about it, and feared that my fear alone would bring into reality. I knew I shouldn’t be holding these fears but no matter what I did, they kept dogging me at every opportunity. 

When I brought this matter to Karen she simply attuned to my field and within minutes she cleared it all out. Now when I think about this issue there’s no emotional charge at all. Karen brought me to neutral around these subjects, all in less than 5 minutes! I wish I’d met Karen earlier. I would have saved myself so much wasted time and energy. Thanks Karen!

If you also have lingering worries or fears that are affecting your life, Karen can get rid of those for you in minutes too... give her a try, you won't regret it! "

~ Eram Saeed ~ Texas, USA

Crystal clear knowing of my Soul Purpose

"Working with Karen is Amazing (as always). She helped me release some really old energies that needed to be cleared and it’s like a thousand pounds have come off my shoulders and chest. I now have a crystal clear knowing of my soul purpose. I’ve been working for 5 years to remember who I am at a Soul level. Working today with Karen was definitely the tipping point. I’m so excited to get started!"

~ Danielle F. ~ Vaughan, ON, Canada

Free from negative influences!

"Unbeknownst to me a “healer”, who is a Licensed Chiropractor that I had seen at the beginning of the week, had inserted herself into my field. All week I was being bombarded with negative thoughts that had quickly eroded my confidence and my trust in my intuitive knowing. I was totally knocked of my center. By the time I connected with Karen I was a mess. I was feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and angry. I was disconnected from my intuition and was constantly second guessing myself.

When Karen found this individual in my field and removed her, I felt immediate relief. My mind got quieter. My body began to relax. And, I was able to access my own Spirit and my intuitive knowing again. I was back!

Then she coached me on how to discern between messages from the egoic patterning and messages from my Spirit. I can see how this basic information will help me, so much with every future decision.

Since our session together I’m feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable in my skin. I have the knowing that I can access my own intuitive guidance and receive clear answers. It’s such a relief knowing I can trust myself! I feel now that I can more fully express my Purpose. Thank you so much Karen I am so grateful for the work you do! "

~ Elizabeth G. ~ Nova Scotia, Canada

Free from Guilt & Regret Around an Abortion

"I had an abortion 16 years ago and never got over it. Although I feel it was the right decision at the time, I also struggled with feelings of wanting to keep the baby. One day I would be sure I wanted to end the pregnancy and the next I would day dream about being a mother. I somehow felt that the fetus would be a girl and even named her.

Because of the issues I had at the time and the lack of stability in my life, I did not feel that I was equipped to be a mother and I did go through with the abortion. Again, I feel it was the right decision, but the grief I felt around the procedure never left. If someone asked me why I didn't have children I would say that it was my biggest regret in life and get teary. I would cry and apologize to the universe for letting myself get pregnant and having to make the decision I did. I would cry at the drop of a hat discussing abortion and motherhood. In short, this experience was not processing.

I had a healing with Karen around the abortion and during the healing I felt the old grief and guilt come to the surface. Karen helped me stay with the feeling and then, with the magic of her healing, I felt the old trauma (of the actual procedure) as well as the deep-felt grief and guilt start to dissipate. Certain things Karen said during the healing gave me a new understanding and, ultimately, peace around what happened and the decision I made.

When I think about the abortion now, I am still a little sad but I don't feel the deep sorrow or the debilitating guilt I used to. I'm sorry that it happened but it seems far away, in the past, where it should be, and the trauma aspect of the experience is completely gone.Karen helped me heal this pain that many sessions of talk therapy just couldn't touch.I now feel like I can move forward and find my purpose now. I am very grateful. Thank you."

~ Anonymous

Feeling great relief!

"I had a BSP with Karen Heywood and I feel so changed since my session. I am so grateful.

Throughout my entire life I have felt deficient and broken. I believed that this originated from growing up in a very dysfunctional, cruel family. No matter what I’ve done I’ve been unable to find complete healing when it came to these very deep issues.

From the beginning of the session with Karen I felt so safe, cared for, and calm. I almost felt like laughing throughout the whole session because it was such an uplifting experience. Karen is wonderfully light and calming, and such a caring person to work with; definitely someone you just want to have in your life. She’s so easy to open up to.

We released issue after issue that had been preventing me from living fully and freely. We cleared gazillions of ancestral baggage, abuse, manipulation, victimhood, etc. - on all levels – ancestral, past lives, and present time. We these cleared deep issues in seconds. It was such a light and uplifting experience. And now, 5 days later, I can only say that I feel so, so much better. I now feel love for myself. I’m able to set healthier boundaries. I feel so light, joyful and such a great relief around being freed from all those heavy weights. I am loving and enjoying my life now. Plus, I also feel so more much trust in living and enjoying my being.

I’ve done many programs and many helped me a lot; however, Karen’s way hit home for me in such a soft, loving and powerful way. I would have needed more than 1000 sessions to get done what we only did in one session. Karen’s process is a light, easy and joyful experience. She can clear the core of an issue without even knowing exactly know what it is or where it originated. All I had to do was access the bad feeling for her to clear it. For me it feels like a miracle. I don’t want to be without that care and cure. I cannot wait to hear Karen on the show.

I am so lucky and so happy to have met Karen and receive this BSP with her. Thank you so much Karen! And thank you Eram for bringing Karen to the show. I can’t wait to get Karen´s package, and hear her lovely voice again. I am so grateful and happy. Thank you! "

~ Monika L. ~ Germany

The dread is gone!

I had a wonderful session with Karen where she removed multiple layers of fear from my energy fields. This included the dissolution of trauma and fear in my own DNA, from my ancestral lineage as well as fear I was hooked into within the human collective. The energies that were dissolved included trauma held from accidents, surgeries, natural disasters, wars (earth & galactic), and so much more.

I was quite amazed in how this process made it possible for me to feel more in my body, more at home in this world. I have re-populated my body rather than having my awareness only in my head. I had no idea that fear stuff too up so much room! I’m so much more present now!

While I was at the dentist I noticed that I was so relaxed I was tempted to go to sleep. The amount of tension in my body is still diminishing. My tummy and teeth aren’t so clenched. My shoulders are not up to my ears anymore!

My outlook has shifted from one of dread, to being excited in my life. I’m looking forward to experiencing things I had previously believed were out of my reach. My sense of fun and adventure have returned, and the feeling that I can handle whatever comes along has been renewed."

~ Susan C. ~ Toronto, Canada

Increased Self-Acceptance & Improved Relationships

"I’ve been on a healing journey for a few years now and have seen a number of different healers. Then I discovered Karen. I’m not sure how this lady heals but she is amazing. Having a healing session with Karen feels gentle yet powerful, and the effects I see in my life after are quick and remarkable. My sense of self-acceptance has increased dramatically, my relationships have improved, and all with a gentle ease. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Karen. "

~ Laurel W. ~ Vancouver, BC, Canada

Longstanding writer’s block gone!

"Having grown up in an abusive, alcoholic household, I have struggled for decades with the spectre of the challenge, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Nevertheless, I have had ambitions and even managed to accomplish a few things, but there has always been a nagging self-doubt underlying any success. I have done a ton of talk therapy over the years, especially following any perceived failure, and there have been some a-ha moments. But nothing ever truly got underneath that feeling of unworthiness that seemed to sabotage my best efforts at the eleventh hour.

Karen is so different from those other psychotherapists. I hesitate to call her work magical, only because through overuse it has become meaningless. But the breakthroughs I have with her are certainly in that realm—otherworldly in that they seem to just spring from out of nowhere and deliver a transformative impact. I don’t pretend to understand what she does, and thankfully it’s not necessary. She works with my spirit to expose energies trapped inside, and layer by layer deep down traumas are revealed and healed. The best part is that whatever gets released during our session gets released in the collective consciousness as well, so it’s doubly rewarding that I get to be of service to others in pursuit of my higher purpose.

In our latest session, as we worked on removing my longstanding writer’s block, I felt a subtle shift in my perception of being stifled, and suddenly a lightness of being allowed me to fly. It only took a single word to open up that pathway. Tears of joy began to flow as I felt myself soar, seeing the situation through the eyes of a hawk gliding on air. It was pure exhilarating freedom, just what I needed to feel in the flow once again. The fact that I’m writing this now is a positive indication that the fear of my own power is starting to fade, and I look forward to what may unfold as the shroud of self-protection falls away."

~ Laura V. ~ Toronto, Canada

I Ended a Long-Term Dead-End Relationship

"I have more energy and also deeper sleep since my healing with Karen! I really noticed results in about 3 to 4 days and I'm still releasing old stuck energy. I even noticed that my family is being more cooperative with me. I whole heartedly recommend Karen’s work. Between the work that I’ve done with Karen and the From Heartache to Joy community, I finally found the courage to end my long term dead end relationship. Thank you! "

~ Jagjit Kaur ~ England

For the First Time EVER… I’m Loving Myself..

"On the last teleconference I found myself hugging myself, loving myself. I was so surprised. Where did that come from? I’ve been trying to love myself for years."

~ Nancy F. ~ Keswick, ON, Canada

Free from Guilt & Grief. I’m Able To Think about My dad Without Tears Streaming Down My Face….

"Thanks so much for your help today. After getting off the phone I felt lighter, both physically and emotionally. I’ve been able to think about my Dad without tears streaming down my face. The heavy guilt feeling is also gone.

I hope you realize how important you are to me and I’m sure to all the others you help as well."

~ Diane M. ~ Embro, ON, Canada

I felt noticeably lighter, look Physically more Beautiful and came out wiser full of valuable insights.

"Our session dealt with healing around my issues of difficulties in receiving (something that I've grappled with all thirty decades of my life). Having set the scene with her genuine and compassionate nature, I was naturally very comfortable with Karen.

The session itself went deep, clearing through lifetimes and DNA. She cleared issues interalia, about receiving money (guilt, responsibility, fear, sorrow, grief), receiving compliments and the idea that's "spiritual to give than to receive. She guided me to connect to my Higher Self and conclude the healing on each issue with affirmations. This process was quite beautiful.

The effects were tangible and immediate on the call and continued after. Lots evidently shifted on the call. I felt noticeably lighter and came out wiser full of valuable insights. Note this issue we worked on is a huge issue for me and it seemed to have vanished all within one hour. It was quite phenomenal. Karen was spot on the issues and added so many more nuggets and valuable insights and explanations when the situation dictated - some points raised I didn't even know existed. It all made perfect sense when we cleared each issue. She is unbelievable.

Since our session I'm relaxed, more connected, confident, approaching challenges with more insight with an excitement to connect to my true purpose. It's a gorgeous state of being. I actually looked physically more beautiful afterwards.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Karen for deep, quick and tangible results in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. She is undoubtedly gifted and no one should be deprived of her gift.

Thank you for choosing me! "

~ Naz HB ~ South Africa

Free of Judging Myself Around Charging for Healing Services

"Before working with Karen I lacked clarity, vision around my purpose. I doubted my abilities as a healer. And I certainly didn’t believe it was possible for me to make a living doing healing work because I held a deep-seated belief that it’s “unspiritual” to charge money for healing services.

After only one session with Karen I no longer have any doubt around my healing abilities! I’m so relieved to be able to say that I’m now free to move forward with a new sense of clarity and purpose. Going with the flow no longer scares me. And, the icing on the cake is my feeling a “rightness” around charging for my spiritual healing services! Amazing!

Karen, I’m so grateful for this new-found freedom. I love how I’m now able to delve deeper into my personal practice. I so deeply appreciate your gifts and look forward to working with you again! "

~ Nina L. ~ Vancouver, BC, Canada

Exclusive Offer 50% Off!

Regular Price for 3 x 60 Min Sessions is $1000

Exclusively For FHTJ Community for $597 only!

A Whopping 50% off on World-Class Spiritual Support & Counselling!

Yes! I want 3 Private Sessions with Karen

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