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Interview with Dawn Crystal

Topic: Complete Dental Health: Clearings & Activations for Life

During this Call with Dawn You Will:

  • Discover the Most Fastest & Most Natural way for Dental Health with Source Energy Frequencies!!!
  • Gain the Most Powerful Energy that hit planet Earth to HEAL ALL YOUR Dental issues FAST & EASY!!!
  • Experience Source Energy to Heal ALL your Dental Concerns in Record time Miraculously to YOUR Divine template of Perfection!
  • Find out how the Voice Sound Healing with Source Frequencies Heal & Repair your teeth in only Minutes per day.. Without leaving your house!!!
  • And much, much more...

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Eliminate mouth problems with the Crystal Sound Frequencies Without EVER Going To An Expensive Dentist. Get Started NOW!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Dawn!

  • “Wow!!! I can't believe how Stronger & Whiter my teeth look after only listening for one week! Love ya!” ~ Patricia (NV.)
  • My Chipped Tooth is magically fixed and I and getting compliments on how White my Teeth Look! This program is a Miracle Solution! Bless You” ~ Dawn...Bonnie (FL.)
  • “I have been listening to the Modules for 3 days now and my teeth feel so much Cleaner and my gums don't hurt anymore. Thank-you” ~ Rob (CA)
  • “I Love Love Love all Dawn's programs and how this programs delivers above & beyond my expectations! Bless you Always!” ~ Sondra C. (UK)
  • “I was a little skeptical at first trying this program but this program Miraculously healed years of Chronic Pain & Bleeding of my gums in such a short time! Thank-you Dawn for your gifts! Love always” ~ Suzanne

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Interview with Marlene Allen

Topic: Quantum Infection Guard and Fortified DEFENSE System Secrets: The Easiest Way to Banish Bacteria, Virus, Yeast, Fungus, and Parasites, while Building a Rock Solid Immune System to Repel Illness, Infections, and Disease!

During this Call with Marlene You Will:

  • Find Out The Easiest Way to Banish Bacteria, Virus, Yeast, Fungus and Parasites, while Building a Rock Solid Immune System to Repel Illness, Infections, and Disease
  • Learn How To Protect Against The Coronavirus & Other Superbugs
  • Stay Well! Now is NOT the Time to have to go to a Hospital!
  • Learn How to ELIMINATE Fear and Hopelessness of Being Infected
  • Discover Quantum DETOX for Optimal Health!
  • Discover How to Safely END Germ Phobia
  • Learn How to Finally FREE of Fatigue, Anxiety, Brain fog, Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure, Mood Swings, Bloating, or Constipation.
  • And much, much MORE..

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REACTIVATE YOUR Hidden Pleasure Points and REV UP YOUR ENERGY To Experience EXCITEMENT & JOY Regularly!!!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Marlene!

  • “I Haven’t Had This Kind Of Energy In Months… And My Pain Level Is Now At ZERO! Amazing!” ~ Denise
  • This Retreat Gave Me EVERYTHING I Needed To Regain Control Over My Energy, My Joy… My Life!” ~ J.W.
  • My Body Really Resonated (vibrating inner tickle) While Watching Your Webinar During Certain Parts Of Your Bliss Clearings!” ~ J.W.
  • “I Came To The Realization That This Moment Is ‘Now Or Never, I’m MORE Active, Have MORE Energy, And I Don’t Feel Drained All The Time!” ~ Kim S., NJ
  • “I Probably Added 10 Years To My Life, You Couldn't Ask For More!” ~ Carol A. Des Moines, Iowa
  • “It’s An Investment In Your Health And It Has Changed My Life!” ~ Vicky A., PA
  • “You Are The Best! My Body Adjusted Back To What It Was Over A Decade Ago, This Is Amazing!! Thank You!” ~ Wilma V., Myrtle Beach, SC
  • "I Feel Amazing, My Stamina Has Improved, I Have So Much More Energy, My Life Is A Lot Better After Completing Your Program!” ~ Candy
  • I Feel Lighter, And Have More Energy! I’ve Actually Found Myself Smiling Again And Did My Happy Dance!” ~ Anne
  • I Feel Like A Million Bucks! Feels Like A Lot Of Toxic Crap Was Released.” ~ Val Dawson

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Interview with Wilma David

Topic: Divine White Light Healing: Let Suffering Unwind & Discover Angelic Peace Within

During this Call with Wilma You Will:

  • Find out that Sampaguita Jasminum Sambac Angelic Healing is a POWERFUL HELP in clearing energy blockages!!!
  • Learn that Negative Blockages are caused by attachments from others!!!
  • Discover that Diminishing Life Force Energy results in an UNBALANCED LIFE!!!
  • Discover that YOUR BODY REACTION is always telling you something!!!
  • Find out the SUPER FEELING after an Aura or Chakra Cleansing using my method of Sampaguita Jasminum Sambac Angelic Healing!!!
  • And much, much more …

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Current offer available only for the next 48 hours. Be sure to claim your spot now!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Wilma!

  • “I have availed of Wilma's remote healing an I can say it is very powerful and yielded very helpful results” ~ Raidis Gascon
  • “Thanks so much for your healing and my face went back to normal after a week. It's so powerful." Thank you for boosting my immune system too!!” ~ Hilda David
  • “You're aura is beautiful Wilma. I have sensed this since meeting you. I have been off my true path for a long time now due to blockages. I met you for a reason and thank you for clearing my blockages!” ~ Anne Patel
  • “Incredible Experience! I'm already feeling a significant difference! I feel at peace and relaxed. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much”~ Minerva Soriano

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Interview with Vera Mirna

Topic: The Complete Money Makeover: Discover The Easiest and Most Powerful Way To Manifest Money and Keep It!

During this Call with Vera You Will:

  • Discover the FASTEST and EASIEST Way to Turn YOUR Body INTO A MONEY MAGNET!!
  • Learn why 2020 is The Most Important Year ever to… INVEST IN YOUR SELF!!!
  • Gain clarity on How to Overcome Money Blocks FASTER than ever before!!
  • Find out why only working on YOUR subconscious is only PART OF THE SOLUTION!!
  • And much, much MORE...

A Special Message from Vera

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3 Months of Core Money Booster Healing starts within 48 hours of signing up PLUS Add a Friend or Family Member FREE if Your Enroll today

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Vera!

  • “Using Vera’s Method My Sister Manifested $19K!” ~ Kelly
  • “I Became $10,000 Richer Instantly After Vera Cleared My Blocks To Asking For Abundance!” ~ M.S
  • Received $888.88 The Very Next Day After Vera Cleared My Money Barriers!” ~ S.C
  • “With Vera’s Work I Brought In Roughly $4,000 In Just 10 Days After Struggling For Months Unable To Afford Even Rent & Basics!!” ~ Christine
  • Working With Vera I Won A Cruise For 2 And $900 At A Local Casino!” ~ Ann

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Interview with Tarek Bibi

Topic: Infinite Abundance Formula
Unlock Unlimited Wealth & Abundance with Ease and Joy!

During this Call with Tarek You Will:

  • Learn to how to clear your money blocks from the root once and for all
  • Discover how to fully align to your ultimate passion and purpose
  • Receive one on one laser healing to locate your biggest blocks
  • Find out how to start creating new streams of income to secure your future
  • Experience the Infinity Healing Technique for yourself
  • And much, much more …

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Tarek Rarely Has 1-1 Sessions Available. Take Advantage of This Opportunity NOW (Only 12 Spots Open)!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Tarek!

  • “Infinity Healing is like Energy Healing with Turbo Power!” ~ Barbara
  • “After Only 2 Months I have 4 Customers @ $5000 Each!” ~ A.
  • “The Day After I Listened to Your Money Magnet Track I got a Call from Three NEW Clients!” ~ Anonymous
  • “I Finally Feel At Ease About Money!” ~ Nicole
  • “Drastically Downsized My Scarcity Beliefs and Changed My Relationship with Money!” ~ Christelle

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Interview with Donna-Marie Hallessey

Topic: The Manifesting Master: The Only Thing You Need To Know For Successful Manifestation

During this Call with Donna You Will:

  • Learn THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP many lightworkers skip over that is SO SIMPLE but crucial to your vibrational grounding and ascension!!
  • Know that since the start of 2020, Spirit is wanting to remind every lightworker that “THE BASICS” are really all we need to know to ENSURE our connection with Divine Light on any level!!!
  • Discover that every outcome of your life is dictated by YOUR VIBRATIONAL SET POINT!
  • Find out HOW to access and align with your COMPASS as it is THE KEY to SUCCESS in all areas of your life!!!
  • Discover how EASY and FAST it is to move into a HIGHER VIBRATION and 5D AUTONOMY from a GROUNDED and CENTERED alignment!!
  • Find out what is the lightworker missing link to GREATEST PERSONAL ABUNDANCE!!!
  • And much, much more …

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Raise Your Vibration & Bend Reality At Will ... LIMITED 1-1 Sessions Available. Claim Your Spot NOW!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Donna!

  • “Donna-Marie changed my life. She taught me so many life lessons that I apply every day. I would and have recommended her to a friend.” ~ Dena Gordon
  • “Donna Marie helped me release some self limiting energy for a richer life!” ~ Cristina Bardorf
  • “Donna-Marie is a true confidant for me. Someone that provides ultimate support and truly cares about my well being.” ~ Annie Meitin
  • “I have recommended many friends to Donna Marie. She is insightful and loving and I am Always amazed how she can zero into what matters most.” ~ Anne
  • “Donna-Marie helped me so much during some very stressful times. I am so grateful for her influence in my life.”~ Tara

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