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February 12th, 2018

February 13th, 2018

Please read our Blog Posts. Let us support each other by sharing our intentions and our progress as we go on this healing journey together.

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Interview with Klara Fischerova

Topic: Success, Ancestry and Money

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Listen to what one of FHTJ's most popular speakers of 2017, JoAnne Bassett is saying about Klara!

Here’s what live callers and clients have to say about Klara!

  • “Eram and Klara - the energy was to the left and I walked towards Lakshmi. I kept yawning throughout the meditation. Energy was being released and I felt at peace. I saw pink energy and a lotus. Beautiful also saw Ganesha! Thank you it was really powerful. Success is right in front of me now. Too beautiful. I bought your package yesterday and was able to get the promo code to work. I have an appointment on March 4th at 4 pm. I can't wait. ” ~ Love and Blessings to you both Sandhya
  • “My session with Klara was truly mind blowing. I already love constellation work and have had profound results but even so I wasn't prepared for what happened during our session. She intuited information that even I had no knowledge of and had to ask the people concerned if it was true and yes she was spot on! Within days I could see the results from the energy that was shifted during the session and 3 weeks later I can say that everything in life is changing in a big way and its directly or indirectly connected to this session. I would highly, highly recommend Klara to anyone that wants to move through blocks, start new projects/relationships or receive clarity. Her passion to help spiritual entrepreneurs is evident as a passion in her life. It's a must have in your tool box for this year!” ~ Eram Saeed
  • “I got immense value out of our first session together! Soon after it, I found a six figure job (or rather the job found me) that brought me more joy, satisfaction, and money than any other job has ever brought me. Every day I continue to enjoy my new found freedom and independence, and I know that it is a divine gift.” ~ Robin

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Interview with Christel Hughes

Topic: Archangel Metatron and your Pineal gland DeMystified:Create a brand new ‘Operating System’ that allows you to Thrive with the New energies and Flow into your Future reality.

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Here’s what Christel's clients have to say!

  • “Thank you so much for your time. In the past I have been told similar things but never what to do to correct or heal the blocked areas. You have been such a wonderful help in that area and I truly appreciate your help. I have good direction and now know what to do and what to work on. Many Blessings to you.” ~ Kim
  • “I got the most amazing reading and guidance from Christel Ella Marie Hughes last night. If you really want to know what’s standing in the way of you being your most BRILLIANT and AUTHENTIC self, you should work with her!” ~ Dulani
  • “My heart is wide open and I feel so clear and clean. I knew that there was energy to clear out but I couldn’t get to it. I now feel so alive and free and clear, it’s truly Amazing that there is no more heaviness or confusion, I’m a new person, thank you Christel. ” ~ CM

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Interview with Chaikim Lee

Topic: Atlantean Awakenings: Going Going Deeper with
13 Atlantean Activations of the Fruits of Life

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Here’s what our live callers had to say!

  • “I wanted to express my gratitude for Chai Kim. I bought her package the last time she was on from heartache to joy. That package included two readings. She was very generous with her time and so kind and she really changed my life. I highly recommend her work!” ~ Colleen
  • “WOW. That may have been the biggest release I've ever experienced during an activation! Having the suffering and loneliness of my times in Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis, Egypt, etc. be acknowledged was/is HUGE. It gave me permission to let go. Thank you SO much, ChaiKim. Many blessings to you and Eram for facilitating what I feel is a great release throughout the Multiverse.” ~ Colette
  • “Not to be missed!! I LOVED Chai Kim's Atlantean activations last year, and purchased a few 1:on:1 sessions. Chai Kim surprised me 2 weeks ago when she suggested my session be one of her new Fruits of Life activations. What a blessing! Even before the formal activation, Chai Kim opened up the session sharing a few experiences with me - experiences that directly answered the first two items on my healing list for the session. My primary intention for the session was support for transmuting deeply-rooted blocks (blocks I know I had agreed to take on before incarnating, so that these transmuted energies will be resonant in my frequency to help others), and remembering more of who I truly am so that I can be a clearer channel/ instrument of Divine service. The Divine Healing Team chose the Sphere of Acceptance. Not only did her invocations throughout the activation resonate deeply in my Soul, the energies kept building, waves & waves & waves of healing. And then more waves, ever deepening waves of divine energy. I wasn't sure my body could handle more divine energy - it was truly nirvana. Eventually the session came to an end, and I have felt a new level of Acceptance these last two weeksI I look forward to the other 12 spheres!! I highly recommend Master Healer Chai Kim!​” ~ Sally

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Interview with Dipal Shah

Topic: The dangers of chronic pain and insomnia. And immediate relief from both.

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Insomnia and Pain Cure: "Dipal Gave Me My Life Back!"

Here’s what others are saying about Dipal

  • “I have been dealing with Depression, grief, and trauma all my childhood. I ended up with Digestive pain, Heart palpitations, and sleep deprivation. Most of my life I have never known what it is to be happy... Because of Dipal for the first time in my life I have transformed to a happier person and see myself in a loving and kind way. I have sleep better all night long, and I am no longer in pain.” ~ Lisa
  • "I have been living with anxiety and panic attacks all my life where I cry all the time and cannot function. I drive myself into depression it gets so bad. I recently found Dipal through a friend. I have never had energy work or have heard of it... I was in a major state of Panic and thank God for Dipal. She released 5 Entities and worked around my head for a while until she could sense that I was in much more calmer state... My anxiety has been 80% better after working with Dipal and I am off my anxiety pills."~ Kelly

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