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Joshua Bloom

Join Joshua Bloom's Live Healing Session!

One Super-Simple & Powerful Quantum Tool: Totally Changes The Lives of Empaths, Intuitives, and Energy Workers Forever

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Limited Quantities Available! Reserve Your QET™ PENDANT Now.

Get ready to experience your awesomeness by quickly and easily raising your energy frequency to become confident and unstoppable! When you raise your energy frequency, not only will you feel like you’re on top of the world, you’ll also eliminate negative emotions, ward off negative energy as well as eliminate disingenuous people from coming into your life. 

Having a supercharged energy frequency means that you’ll be happier, more excited, feel more balanced energetically and emotionally in your life.

After this group healing session, you’ll never be the same in such an awesome way and you’ll never look back.

Let’s take a Quantum Leap together in the Quantum Field and discover your possibilities! 

During this Transformative Session You Will:

  • Discover One Super-Simple & POWERFUL QUANTUM TOOL that will have you feeling confident and unstoppable! 
  • Access the Quantum Field and 5D energy to create FAST if not  INSTANT TRANSFORMATION!
  • Supercharge your energy frequency to 10,000+ Energy Frequency and FEEL THE 5D EXPERIENCE right on this call live.
  • Learn how to PROTECT YOURSELF from psychic attacks and entities superfast and easy!
  • SHIFT YOUR ENERGY to become a person who lives life on your terms!
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Joshua!

  • I use the QET™ pendant to make it easier to release in the Quantum Field.~Jean S
  • The pendant can help you to raise your energy frequency faster and easier. You can also use the pendant to help others raise their energy. ~ Sara M.
  • I enjoy using the pendant! I release faster and feel the movement of energy to rise higher within me. An awesome quantum experience! ~ Lori K.

Live Group Healing Session:

HTB Realignment

Unlock Your Body's Extraordinary Transformation to Perfect Muscle and Skeletal Alignment

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New bonus : Chronic and Resistant Illness Resonance Clearing MP3 for package B and C! Available for free for a limited time only

During this Transformative Session You Will:

  • Discover the secret to LOCKING OUT THE VIBRATION that has held the Pattern of Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, TMJ, Fatigue, Bone Misalignment, Chronic Migraines, Chronic Pain and Long Covid in place!
  • Learn how to OVERRIDE an old ENERGY pattern WITH A NEW ONE!
  • Find out why listening to these quantum perfection blueprints will TRANSFORM your energy field!
  • Discover the EASY WAY to automatically and permanently REPROGRAM your quantum ENERGY body!
  • Understand why COMPLETE HEALING requires healing ALL aspects of a symptom and HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS!
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Karina!

  • My spine is straight, my limp has disappeared and my pain and stiffness are much reduced!~Thalassa Scholl, writer
  • I WAS BARELY ABLE TO WALK! so stiff, I couldn’t bend my legs.. in a situation where I felt I was very close to needing a walking stick. After the 60 minute session… I WAS LITERALLY RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRS.. and as soon as I got home the music went on and I was dancing around like a child in a playground.~ Joanna G, London - Style Director
  • I am sleeping so much better, my outlook on life is enriched and I’m more relaxed than I could ever believe possible. ~ J.P, Scientist

Live Group Healing Session: Rejuvenate Your Vital Organs!

Discover an ALL NEW Breakthrough Solution to Quantum Supercharge Your Liver and Kidneys!

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Limited Bonus: Quantum Jumping to Instant Healing Expires @ Midnight! Grab Yours Now.

Are you struggling with fatigue, low energy levels, unexplained weight issues, or digestive troubles? 

Do you find yourself dealing with mood swings, anxiety, or restless nights?

If any of these resonate with you, then this FREE group healing session is exactly what you need!

During this Transformative Session You Will:

  • Explore the profound wisdom of Eastern Medicine and its role in health and disease. 
  • Tap into your intuitive senses to identify hidden emotional and energetic stressors impacting your liver and kidneys, and learn effective techniques to release them.
  • Witness the incredible transformation of your liver and kidneys as Dipal guides you through healing.
  • Learn powerful techniques to clear blockages, restore vital prana, and balance energy flow within your liver and kidneys, promoting detoxification and rejuvenation.
  • Experience the life-changing Quantum Body Awakening Modality that opens the door to healing within your liver and kidneys.
  • And much, much MORE...

Get ready to embark on a journey of transformation, where you'll discover the power to revitalize your liver and kidneys and unlock your true potential for vibrant health and well-being.

Remember, this session is completely FREE, so don't hesitate – reserve your spot today!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Dipal!

  • Dipal helps you not only with your body but she has helped me with my finances and relationship!~Ania
  • Dipal can tap into your energy and tell you exactly what is happening before you tell her ~ Mori
  • I have found Dipal to be the best of the best. Dipal is the go to person because she is kind, generous, and the most powerful healer I have every been too. ~ Ria

Interview with Kari Alajoki

Quantum Mold & Fungus Neutralizer: Eliminate Hidden Causes of Health Issues for Optimal Health and Wellbeing

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Limited time bonus ends at midnight. Don’t miss out!

In this healing session you will:

  • Learn the #1 THING MOST protocols for mold, fungus, and yeast are missing! 
  • Find out how to AVOID NEGATIVE ENERGIES from Astral Field & DISTURBED SLEEP!
  • Find out why you need to be CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR WHOLE BODY if you are affected in one area!
  • Discover how disease in a VITAL AREA OF THE BODY that is commonly considered ‘old age related’ may have roots of mold, fungus, and yeast!
  • Find out which AREA OF THE BODY is most commonly affected by mold, fungus, and yeast ( and why YOU should be concerned)!
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Kari!

  • Everyone in the house is doing better. Brain fog gone, son happier, dog allergies gone!~Regula
  • I would definitely recommend this program for overall well-being. It really was beneficial to change my food cravings which is so helpful to getting back on track. ~ Jannet S.
  • It seems to me that my body was overwhelmed with mold, fungus and yeast. The vibration of the energy made the mold, fungus and yeast move out of my body. ~ Patricia D.

Interview with Dawn Krystal

Topic: Complete Brain Health
Function Restoration for a Long Healthy Life

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20% Off Sale Ends TODAY! Grab Yours Now.

In this healing session you will:

  • Discover how to RESTORE functions in your brain for a LONG HEALTHY LIFE! 
  • Learn the FASTEST, most LASTING, and most POWERFUL WAYS for complete brain health!
  • Discover how to Regain Control of Your Brain Health so YOU can feel vibrant and full of life!
  • Learn how to access Source frequencies to Reverse ANY brain health issues you have already experienced!
  • Find out how to restore your DNA cells to COMPLETELY HEAL your brain and to Live a Longer Healthier Life!
  • Witness and experience POWERFUL live mini healings for brain balancing and brain fog!
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Dawn!

  • Dawn is the Real Deal!!!! She is a Gifted Healer with Many Healing Abilities to Heal your Aches & Pains Fast!!! ~Kathy
  • What a Gift to the World to find Dawn as she has Cleared & Healed my Years of Suffering. Give her a try you will be Amazed!!! Thanks! ~ Joseph G.
  • Dawn is a Pioneer on the Fore-Front of Future Healing on this Planet Earth! She is definitely a Blessing from the Creator!! Love you so much for your healing work! Your an Angel!. ~ Patti

Interview with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Fast & Effective Entity Be Gone Solution: Clear & Protect Yourself From Entities In this time of Negativity

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Take control of your energy matrix and protect yourself and your loved ones from negative energies and entities! Limited 1-1 sessions available. Secure your spot now!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Virginia!

  • OMG!! My cat Inky was very disturbed and not himself and biting and scratching me – I called Virginia and she immediately identified that he had entities. She cleared the entities and he became our loving Inky again ……Thank you Virginia we have our Inky back ~Anne, Galway
  • Sometimes I can pick up entities too! A sure sign is when I have a headache or feel physically rough. When I’ve picked up any entity I have more negative thoughts and a little crabby, sometimes angry. I always check myself with Virginia if I suspect I have one and thankfully she releases them for me. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Virginia and her entity clearing. It’s quite crazy how many people carry an entity and I often feel for them, because most people are unaware that they’re carrying this extra negative energy.~ Shona ………….UK

Interview with Hillary Faye

Topic: Nervous System Regeneration: Activate the Arcturian Crystal Chambers for Rapid, Permanent Healing!

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Step into the Arcturian Crystal Healing Chamber Today! Available This Week Only

In this healing session you will:

  • Learn how to access the Arcturian Crystal Healing Chambers in order to Regenerate Your Nervous System! 
  • Discover how to use the most ADVANCE HEALING TECHNOLOGY in the Milky Way Galaxy!
  • Access the secret to responding from the LIGHT OF DIVINE FAITH instead of reacting from emotional triggers!
  • Experience the Power of Arcturian Crystal Healing Chamber Technology to break the fight or flight epidemic!
  • Find out how to unwind years’ worth of anxiety, overwhelm, pain, and trauma through the Crystal Chamber Vagus Nerve Purification!
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Hillary!

  • I felt much relief from the low back pain and SI joint pain I have been experiencing over the past few months. ~Thomas S
  • No amount of chiro or physio has helped as much as the blue healing crystal chamber light from the Arcturians ~ Julie B
  • I have not felt like myself for so long, I always felt blocked, stressed and pressured and I feel more energy and joy then I have in years. I actually feel relaxed. This program is priceless. ~ Brooke G

Live Group Healing Session with Lottie Cooper

Feel Forever Young: DNA Activations to Reverse Aging, Boost Health and Feel Vibrant & Youthful Life!

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Get 15 Days Extra Remote Healing for FREE When You Join ANY Package. Available for a VERY Limited Time!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Lottie!

  • WALKING after Bedridden and hopelessR.L.Builder
  • Pressure from anxiety, instantly gone; I don’t react negatively anymore!~ Gabriela Dominguez
  • I have been profoundly Changed. I’m in a state of Bliss for No Reason ~ Alicia

Interview with Eram Saeed

The Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction &
What You Need to Shift NOW for Permanent Transformation! 

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Save $200 When You Join The Connection Code Today. Only Available for a Limited Time!

In this healing session you will:

  • Find out why the Law of Attraction is actually NOT working in your favor and instead wreaking havoc on your life
  • Discover what the spiritual gurus AREN'T telling you about “your guides” and “your angels”
  • Learn the missing piece from self-development teachings
  • Discover the ONE thing that Eram uses so that she NEVER has to suffer again
  • Learn how being a co creator with the universe is working against you
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Eram!

  • My perception about life has changed tremendously.. Even my relationship with my spouse has become better! ~Yaseera
  • My connection with the divine improved markedly. I have even become more tolerant and forgiving to my family members. ~Zainab M
  • I have gotten a new lease on life and happiness due to this course ~ Lubna

Interview with Dawn Krystal

Discover Your Abundance Blocks

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Attract wealth and money with ease! Available this week only

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Dawn!

  • These recordings are Powerful and I can actually feel like my old wombs are disappearing after a week of listening. What a Miracle! Thank you ~Steve
  • I am amazed by the "Source" energy in these mp3's. I can feel the old stagnated energies leave my body. I have never felt anything powerful.~ Janice
  • Thank you Dawn Crystal for your gifts of Sound healing. I feel like I can manifest anything! I feel so good Everytime I listen to the recordings. ~ Tanya M.

Interview with Sophia Zoe

Topic: Manifesting Miracles: Human Hacks For Heaven's Help!

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Unlock your full potential and achieve your deepest desires STARTING NOW! Introductory prices ending soon

In this healing session you will:

  • Learn easy things you MUST do to prepare to RECEIVE your miracles 
  • Discover ways to CORRECT your point of ATTRACTION
  • Gain CONTROL over your self-sabotaging habits, so you can manifest FASTER
  • Copy Sophia's HACKS to improve your HEALTH
  • Experience Sophia's POWERFUL ABILITY to scan people and know their biggest block to manifesting their miracles
  • Learn how to ACCEPT where you are before you can ADVANCE
  • Enjoy Manifesting MIRACLES on a DAILY basis
  • Create your DREAM LIFE with strategic INTENTION
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Sophia!

  • My session with you was brilliant. You caught it all within seconds. I had been depressed, then felt reborn that night. You’re a force! ~Lucinda W., London, UK
  • I play this before I need to ask my husband something I know he won’t like. He’s been agreeable every time! ~ June C., Sarnia, Canada
  • My session with you was great. I starting feeling better in general. I feel better being in my own body. I feel the body is moving more freely, even a lightness all over mind, body and spirit. Thank you. ~ Adriano C., Toronto, Canada

Interview with Pam Oslie

Become The Future Human!

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Discover How to Begin Transcending Time NOW! Available This Week Only

In this healing session you will:

  • Find out what Quantum Physics says about WHO WE REALLY ARE and the NATURE OF REALITY! 
  • Learn the ADVANCED ABILITIES and how to DEVELOP them!
  • Discover what prevents us from living with these ADVANCED ABILITIES!
  • Learn what is happening currently in the WORLD and what lies ahead for HUMANITY!
  • And much, much MORE...

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Pam!

  • Pamala Oslie’s ‘Quantum Leap’ eCourse is a perfect combination of education on the power of understanding the quantum nature of the world in which we live, and practice in expanding our consciousness. ~Jason
  • The shift in consciousness has been really interesting.  Thank you so much for bringing that forth for me. Lots of miracles are coming into my awareness and I Love It!~ SG
  • Pam’s ‘Quantum Leap’ eCourse has transformed my life and I hope it will be as fun and transformative for anyone and everyone who decides to take the journey. ~ J. Phillips

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