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Wilma David

October 19th, 2020

Interview with Wilma David

Topic: Activate Your Divine Angelic Lifeline: Complete Transformation to Remove Toxic Energies, Restore Perfect Health, Attract Wealth & Live Angelically

During this Call with Wilma You Will:

  • Attune you to your HIGHER SELF COMMUNICATION!
  • Discover the Auric TUNING and CLEARING of Energetic field!
  • Feel the Angels beaming their HEALING LOVE & LIGHT on YOU!
  • Receive visions about what to do next in AREAS OF YOUR LIFE THAT NEEDS HEALING!
  • Identify YOUR limiting BELIEF AND BLOCKAGES!
  • Cosmically CONNECT YOU to your own SPIRIT GUIDE ANGEL!!!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Wilma!

  • “I have availed of Wilma's remote healing an I can say it is very powerful and yielded very helpful results” ~ Raidis Gascon
  • “Thanks so much for your healing and my face went back to normal after a week. It's so powerful." Thank you for boosting my immune system too!!” ~ Hilda David
  • “You're aura is beautiful Wilma. I have sensed this since meeting you. I have been off my true path for a long time now due to blockages. I met you for a reason and thank you for clearing my blockages!” ~ Anne Patel
  • “Incredible Experience! I'm already feeling a significant difference! I feel at peace and relaxed. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much.”~ Minerva Soriano

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Interview with Julia Maré

Topic: Complete Pain-Free Living: Super Fast Knee and Back Pain Relief!

During this Call with Julia You Will:

  • Be prepared to LIVE A PAIN-FREE LIFE!
  • Learn the PAST EXPERIENCES that we have not let go of, manifest pain or disease!
  • Be ready to let go of the story and CELEBRATE NOW!
  • Learn what it takes to EXPERIENCE EVEN GREATER HEALTH than you ever considered!!
  • Discover what is YOUR BODY trying to tell YOU!
  • And much, much more...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Julia!

  • “For first time in ages did not crave sugar, I wasn’t drawn to it and it had little appeal which is amazing. My blood sugar levels went down and are essentially normal. I have not craved sugar for weeks!” ~ Lynda R.
  • “My session with Julia was so good! She's very wise, highly intuitive, kind, very loving and supporting. I felt totally lifted up afterwards . Pain levels in my neck, head and back were 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. Well, maybe 8 for my head as I was dealing with a flu virus which gave me high fever and huge headache. In the session the pain levels dropped to a 2” ~ Wim, Germany
  • “Thank you, since signing up for your package, I have just been blessed with the most amazing business collaboration in my life!” ~ Mary Jo
  • “For the past several weeks I have had hip pain in my right hip when going for my daily walk. The pain level was at about a 6. I could still walk, but I could tell I was favoring it. During Julia's session, I could feel things starting to move because the pain went to my left knee and then my left ankle. She said it was my left side that was hurting and my right hip was compensating for this! I couldn't wait to go for my walk to test this theory. I am thrilled to say that my hip no longer hurts! There is 0 pain on my walks now. I am grateful for this work Julia!.”~ Gretchen Pritts

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Interview with Deborah Werner

Topic: Energy Protection & Survival Kit: Instant Energy Clearing & Protection with the Power of Flower Essences

During this Call with Deborah You Will:

  • Find out HOW TO STOP ENERGY VAMPIRES, narcissists and anyone who tries to drag you down BY INCREASING YOUR AURA WITH FLOWER ESSENCE!
  • Learn how to Lovingly PROTECT YOUR ENERGY BY USING FLOWER ESSENCE most importantly now with COVID, the election, and rioting!
  • Discover how to stop taking on other’s pain and group thoughts by Increasing YOUR aura and protecting YOURSELF with THE POWER OF FLOWERS!!
  • Find out how flower essences lovingly PROTECT AND INCREASE YOUR AURA to have Strong and Healthy boundaries! Especially when you have close contact with our front-liners!
  • Discover how you can make a difference in this world just by having the Highest Vibration possible and to easily shift out of struggle and take charge of your energy every day with the POWER OF FLOWERS!!!
  • Learn how to STOP BEING A PEOPLE PLEASER... Letting everyone “step on your toes” and take advantage of you with the Loving Protection of flower essences!
  • And much, much more...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Deborah!

  • “I felt a huge shift when you misted someone regarding narcissist and protection” ~ Lila
  • “When you remotely misted me with Loving Protection, it felt like a warm blanket surrounded me!” ~ Eram Saeed
  • “Thank you, since signing up for your package, I have just been blessed with the most amazing business collaboration in my life!” ~ Mary Jo
  • “My daughter actually went to her first day of school! Thank you Deborah for helping her with her anxiety.”~ Dana M

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Interview with Vera Mirna

Topic: Easy Beauty Facelift: Awaken Your Unique Fountain Of Youth At Quantum Speed

During this Call with Vera You Will:

  • Learn how to reverse time in your favor!
  • Find out how to bring in your Divine Beauty Blueprint!
  • Learn how to Look & Feel Half Your Age With Diminished Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Scars and Age Spots!​
  • Learn how to Feel Beautiful everyday with or without make-up & receive constant compliments!
  • Discover how to bring back your infinite youthfulness!
  • Learn To Achieve Faster Weight Loss and Gain More Body Tone!
  • Learn how to enjoy improved relationships on all levels! Better sex and more intimacy!
  • Learn the connection between having beauty and having money and abundance!
  • And much, much more...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Vera!

  • “This Facelift Is The BOMB!!! It Worked For Me In One Day! People Keep Asking Me What Skin Care Product I Use!!!” ~ Donna
  • “With The Easy Beauty Facelift, Twice this week I've been mistaken for someone 20 years younger than me!” ~ Angela
  • “Thank you Vera. My Under Eye Bags Are Less Prominent And There Is A Certain Glow To My Face!!!” ~ Suku
  • “Youthful appearance in my face, eyes lifted up, and skin not so saggy. Thank you!!!”~ G.
  • “My sister commented that I looked slimmer! My skin looks younger too! Thank you Vera!!” ~ A.k
  • “After Just A Week My Face Is Brighter & My Skin Smoother” ~ Mala

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