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Joshua Bloom

Listen to Joshua Bloom's Healing Session!

Quantum Leap Into Your Unstoppable Self!

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Only 30 Spots Available! Be Sure To Reserve Yours Now.

Here’s what clients have to say about Joshua!

Listen to Karina Grant's Healing Session!

Quantum Healer Acceleration Program!

Activate Your Healing Power & Begin Your Journey to Mastery

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Only 8 Spots Left for Personal 1-1 Scans with Karina. Clear What's in Your Way for 100% Alignment to Quantum Healer Acceleration Program. Join Now!

Here’s what clients have to say about Karina!

  • Karina is the best teacher I have ever come across in all my many years of meditation and healing. She is an absolutely incredible healing practitioner. If you have the chance to have a session with her I highly recommend it. The energy is palpable, very relaxing and amazing! ~Tyroon Win, Consultant at The London College of Psychic Studies
  • Karina caters wonderfully to such diverse groups. I believe this is the first training I have completed that heals the practitioner and takes great care of them, so they can help others. Wonderful!~ Rosena Johnson, UK Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, UK Athletics Disability team for Paralympics
  • Karina teaches with passion, confidence and love. Her trust and faith in students is contagious, I could not but start trusting in my own healing capacities as soon as the course started. Thank you, Karina for the Love and Light you share with the world.Janja Lamovšek

Listen to Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Healing Session!

Metatron's Healing Codes:
Synchronize ALL Systems of Your Energy Matrix to Wipe Out ANYTHING That Stands in the Way of Your Ultimate Healing!

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Join this week and receive Virginia's Soul Retrieval for Complete Spiritual Integration MP3 for FREE!

Here’s what clients have to say about Virginia!

  • Because of her incredible healing energy I am going dancing tonight for the first time in over 5 Years!!!....My pain went from a Level 6 down to a Level 2 in minutes!!! The healing continued & two days later I was able to walk pain free!!! Which is why I am looking forward to dancing tonight on Day 3! ~Peg Sue
  • Secondly you were able to assist with releasing entities, thought forms and implants. I had a real sense of this happening throughout my body and was able to see through my third eye (with your guidance) where the implant was and see it release (and feel the shift). ~ Davinder – London, UK
  • Virginia worked with her guides, as well as mine to remove entities, implants, cut cords and clear my energy. The energetic clearings were emotional, palpable and peaceful.Jill – Michigan, USA

Listen to Dawn Krystal's Healing Session!

Thyroid Reboot: Your Complete Path to Energize, Balance & Thrive

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Save $50 and Receive an Additional 30 Days Remote Healing for FREE When You Join Thyroid Reboot Today. Available for a Limited Time.

Here’s what clients have to say about Dawn!

  • I am using the Energetic Total Body Sculpting Mp3 for about a week now. I have noticed that my clothes are not feeling so tight. I have also noticed my thighs are looking more toned. Thank you Dawn! ~Alicia W (TX)
  • I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks listening to Dawn’s MP3 I have tried every diet out there any nothing has ever worked for me. I was pleasantly surprised to try this and I can't believe that the results happened so fast! Thank you Dawn for sharing your gifts! ~ Lois V. (FL)
  •  am Loving my body after listening to Dawn’s MP3. I work out less now and I still eat the same but I am Losing Inches all Over!!!Love everything Dawn puts out!Silvia L (TX)

Listen to Eram Saeed's Healing Session!

Soulful TransformationSacred Destiny Healing Fusion!

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Accelerates your journey towards healing and your destiny! Only 10 personal 90 minute sessions available with Eram & Sohail. Learn if this is right for you!

Interested in learning about the MP3's Eram talked about on the call? Check them out here:

Here’s what clients have to say about Eram and Sohail!

  • I totally benefited from the session with Sohail and I was particularly happy to hear about my future and what that might look like! I was very satisfied by the way Sohail addressed all my questions and would definitely recommend him to others. ~WINIFRED
  • I started the session with Eram with feelings of deep pain. I told her I could t remember the last time I had felt a sliver of peace or happiness. She did her clearings on me and after receiving the clearing and balancing activation I was blissed out! I can’t believe how much peace and joy has replaced the feelings of pain and grief…. All in just one session! ~ KATHY
  • I took a 1-1 session with Eram last year. I could feel the energy shifting even while she was talking and gently guiding me. It was as if the sound of her voice was healing my soul. Today I am messaging almost exactly a year later and my life has changed 180 degrees! That one session with Eram truly changed my life. I would recommend it with full confidence..~ MARIA

Listen to Dipal Shah's Healing Session!

4th Dimensional Health Gateway: Manifest Abundant Health 100 Times Faster!

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Only 20 1-1 Sessions Available at the Current Price. Grab Yours Now!!

Here’s what clients have to say about Dipal!

  • I came to Dipal to heal through the 4th Dimension and I have never felt prana to this extent. It was all over my body that was so amazing. This was a very spiritual experience. Thank you Dipal, you are an authentic and a real teacher rather than just a book. I appreciate you and can’t wait to learn as much as possible from you. ~David
  • That was a very powerful healing. About an hour later (since you worked a lot on my gut) I completely flushed out my bowels, it was very cleansing. I feel physically in that area to be lighter and free from blockages. Your are a gem! I look forward to meeting with you again. ~ Jennifer
  • While I've had positive encounters with energy healers before, none have inspired me to actively lead my healing journey like Dipal has. Her grounded approach and playful attitude towards teaching and sharing her knowledge with me drew me in, and I eagerly anticipate my next session with her.~ Deb

Listen to Jarrad Hewett's Healing Session!

Conscious Creation University 2.0: Welcome to Your Most Momentous and Monumental Year, Yet!

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Last chance for Early Bird Prices! CCU 2.0 is starting next week!

AM Activation and Meditation to Help you Create Each Day!

Cleansing Your Energy Field

Here’s what clients have to say about Jarrad!

  • My salary was raised 50% today with an unexpected bonus from my company!! I am so excited for all of us as we learn to open and allow more$ ~Michelle
  • I am a Reiki Master and have never come close to feeling the activation of love and light on such a multi dimensional level! And every time I activate myself for healing sessions, I am instantly right back to the same intensity levels and feel more and more expansive!!! ~ Jennifer
  • I had no idea I could feel this good. The best way I can describe it is after spending most of my life out in the cold, I’m now inside sitting by the fire, sipping a hot cup of cocoa feeling warm, safe and cared for.~ Sophie

Listen to Karina Grant's Healing Session!

HTB Realignment: Unlock Your Body's Extraordinary Transformation to Perfect Muscle and Skeletal Alignment

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BOGO Open Through Friday Only. Grab Yours Now.

Here’s what clients have to say about Karina!

  • I wanted to let you know that I feel you have healed my herniated disc that has been bothering me for the last 12 years. ~R.O. USA
  • 2 days after the program, I have more movement in my right foot, my body is less twisted and the scoliosis has improved a bit. ~ Anonymous
  • I went from getting a max of 3 hours of sleep a night to 13 hours of deep sleep.C.H.

Listen to Brandy Gillmore's Healing Session!

Mind-Body-Emotional Energetic Healing™

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Don't Let Your Life Pass You By…Step into YOUR Power and Learn to Heal Yourself Today! Available For A Limited Time Only.

Here’s what clients have to say about Brandy!

  • I have been around the world working with the greatest intuitives, psychics and energy workers seeking truth, healing and enlightment, and I have never seen anyone with Brandy’s abilities. Brandy reads energy like most people read the yellow pages. Truly incredible. ~F.D. – Peru
  • For the first time in my life, I am aware of how I am really feeling all day long. This is powerful for me, because, besides being aware of how I am feeling, I have the ability now to change how I am feeling instantly. This is huge! ~ Shukri
  • I’ve always believed our bodies contain an inherent ability to self-heal, and Brandy has created a thorough and comprehensive system to identify, reframe, and shift whatever is blocking our own healing capacity. The fusion of her analytical mind with the channel and clarity of her expansive heart and spirit is truly unique and powerful. Her job description could be “Growth, Healing, Love, and Miracle Facilitator~ Jane M.

Listen to Hillary Faye's Healing Session!

Crystal Chamber Galactic Healing AcademyActivate Your Intuitive Healing Abilities with Cosmic Light & Guidance!

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Early Bird Prices Available Through Thursday! Grab Yours Now.

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Hillary!

  • Every time I was around my family, I felt I was taking on so much dense unconscious energy. After using the Crystal Chamber Aura Repair program when I spend time with my family I no longer feel down, tired or drained - I actually feel incredible and so divinely protected! ~Samantha V.
  • This program changed my life! I feel the best I felt in decades! I love falling asleep to the healing transmission MP3s. They are also amazing to do in the morning! It's the most powerful healing energy I've ever felt! ~ Elliot C .
  • I was so down before I started using these MP3s. I was no longer able to channel or feel connected, and I felt walloped by heavy energy. The amount that was cleared through these MP3s absolutely astonished me. I am channeling divine messages again. I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels the need for support with clearing and protection.~ Jennifer B

Listen to Kaye Lee's Healing Session!

Complete Brain Reboot: Activate the 9 Pathways to Total Brain Revitalization!

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Get Your Additional 30 Days Remote Healing and $200 Off Through Thursday!

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Kaye!

  • Kaye Lee’s abilities in multiple areas of study make him a true Renaissance man. ~DR. WIN WENGER, PhD, Founder Of Project Renaissance, Developer Of ImageStreaming, Author Of The Einstein Factor
  • Kaye Lee is a spectacular role model for applying the science and philosophy of human development to up-level performance in virtually any area of life. His prowess in realms of intuitive perception, remote viewing and inner guidance are absolutely stellar. This man's study of the genius potential that resides within the mind makes him a valued asset on any team. ~
    PAUL R. SCHEELE, PhD, CEO Of Scheele Learning Systems, Co-Founder Of Learning Strategies Corporation, Author Of PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, And Drop Into GeniusS.
  • I have experienced palpable, real time sustained resolution of GI issues during command healing sessions with Kaye.~ DR. JO PELHO - Scientist  U.K.

Listen to Lidija Millonig Atlas' Healing Session!

Weight Loss Reimagined: How To End Your Struggle With Weight Without Using Temporary Solutions, Quick Unhealthy Tactics And Unsustainable Diets!

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Save Over $500 For A Limited Time Only! Save Your Spot Today.

Here’s what callers and clients have to say about Lidija!

  • After these 4 weeks with Lidija’s course I feel a deep love for my body, and I see changes in the constitution of my body. I lost 13 lbs! ~Suzanne
  • I lost 7 lbs using Lidija's method, and it was so EASY, just like others that worked with her... ~ Erin
  • Not only have I lost a half pant size so that my clothes fit better, I have less body pain and fatigue and more appreciation and love for me and my body..~ Melinda

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