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Monday, January 8th, 2024

Interview With Lidija Millonig Atlas

Weight Loss Reimagined: How To End Your Struggle With Weight Without Using Temporary Solutions, Quick Unhealthy Tactics And Unsustainable Diets!

During this Event You Will:

  • Unlock the Secrets of Energy Medicine: Learn the transformative insights of energy medicine and how it can REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR APPROACH TO WELLNESS!
  • Discover the Power of Trapped Cell Memory Clearance: Uncover the groundbreaking technique for clearing trapped cell memory and its IMPACT ON WEIGHT LOSS and emotional well-being!
  • Explore Holistic Principles for Lasting Weight Loss: Find out how holistic principles integrated into the program contribute to SUSTAINED WEIGHT LOSS throughout every life stage!
  • Harness Food as Energy and Medicine: Discover the art of harnessing FOOD not just as sustenance but AS A POTENT SOURCE OF ENERGY and MEDICINE!
  • Cultivate Self-Love and Advocacy for Your Body: Explore the transformative journey of cultivating deep appreciation, respect, and love for your body, BECOMING YOUR OWN GREATEST ADVOCATE!
  • Effortless Recovery from Emotional Trauma: Learn the secrets to effortlessly recover from emotional trauma and BREAK FREE FROM PATTERNS of emotional eating!
  • Insights for Liberation from Emotional Eating: Gain insights into liberating yourself from emotional eating patterns, paving the way for a HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD!
  • Transform Into Your Own Wellness Champion: Find out how the program empowers you to TRANSFORM INTO YOUR OWN GREATEST advocate, fostering long-term success and happiness!
  • And much, much MORE...

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Interview With Kaye Lee

Complete Brain Reboot: Activate the 9 Pathways to Total Brain Revitalization!

During this Event You Will:

  • Discover why just sending healing energy is not enough to HEAL YOUR BRAIN!
  • Find out the three forgotten factors that determine HEALTH and LIFESPAN!
  • Learn how to HEAL THE AGING BRAIN and protect yourself from past trauma and stress!
  • Learn how to SHIELD YOUR BRAIN from EMFs, 5G, radiation and morphic fields!
  • And much, much MORE...

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Interview With Hillary Faye

Crystal Chamber Galactic Healing Academy: Activate Your Intuitive Healing Abilities with Cosmic Light & Guidance!

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn the secret to UNLOCKING COSMIC FREQUENCIES within the Crystal Chambers for a quantum leap in healing efficacy that surpasses conventional practices!
  • Unlock your HIDDEN HEALING POWERS… Say hello to divine intuition!
  • Discover the secret to becoming a truly EMPOWERED HEALER by tapping into the comprehensive toolkit offered by Crystal Chamber Galactic Healing!
  • Unlock the KEY TO BREAK FREE from the vicious cycle of painful memories by learning how to heal them without having to relive the trauma all over again!
  • Unveil Your Cosmic Connection: Galactic Harmonic Healing Activation Now Live!
  • And much, much MORE...

Monday, January 29th, 2024

Interview With Jarrad Hewett

Conscious Creation University 2.0: Welcome to Your Most Momentous and Monumental Year, Yet!

During this Event You Will:

  • Uncover why traditional self-help methods may no longer be effective and learn cutting-edge techniques for personal growth.
  • Experience the power of healing as it unfolds in real-time with Jarrad, tapping into the energy of the moment for profound changes.
  • Dive deep into the essentials of crafting the life you've always desired, and understand what's been holding you back.
  • Explore why long-term efforts in personal development sometimes hit a standstill and how to jumpstart your journey towards transformation.
  • Gain insights into personalized healing approaches as Jarrad senses and responds to the collective energy of participants.
  • Engage in a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, uncovering the keys to living your best life amidst today's evolving world.
  • And much, much MORE...

Monday, February 5th, 2024

Interview With Brandy Gillmore

Mind-Body-Emotional Energetic Healing™

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn that there are a lot of misconceptions in HEALING with THE MIND!
  • Learn about consciousness and what Brandy calls, ECC: Emotionally Controlled Consciousness!
  • Discover why there are a lot of people who are stuck when it comes to SELF-HEALING!
  • Uncover why MOST PEOPLE when checking their ENERGYare actually GETTING FALSE INFORMATION!
  • Find out that heath issues have negative energy
  • And much, much MORE...

Monday, February 12th, 2024

Interview With Dawn Krystal

Thyroid Reboot: Your Complete Path to Energize, Balance & Thrive

During this Event You Will:

  • UNDERSTAND THYROID IMPACT: Learn how your thyroid might be silently influencing your health and DISCOVER THE SIMPLEST, MOST EFFECTIVE HEALING approach available today!
  • DISCOVER HIDDEN ENERGIES: Find out how a PERSONALIZED ENERGY SCAN can reveal the unseen forces affecting your thyroid and overall wellbeing!
  • EXPERIENCE IMMEDIATE TRANSFORMATION: Witness firsthand the POWER OF ENERGY HEALING to bring about instant changes in your energy levels and mood!
  • SEE REAL-TIME RESULTS: Watch as participants just like you undergo REMARKABLE TRANSFORMATIONS, offering a glimpse into the potential for your own health and vitality!
  • EASIEST HEALING METHOD REVEALED: Uncover the most straightforward and powerful way to HEAL YOUR THYROID ISSUES, changing the way you think about health and healing forever!
  • And much, much MORE...

Monday, February 26th, 2024

Interview With Dipal Shah

4th Dimensional Health Gateway: Manifest Abundant Health 100 Times Faster!

During this Event You Will:

  • Unlock the Secret to Rapid Healing: Discover the 4th Dimensional Health Gateway that's transforming lives 100 times faster than traditional methods.
  • Transform Your Health: Learn how to overcome chronic issues, genetic diseases, and transform your overall well-being with groundbreaking techniques.
  • Step Into the 4th Dimension: Access specific energies that 98% of people don’t know about, opening doors to profound health shifts.
  • Experience Healing Firsthand: Join the live session for a chance to be selected for a personal 1-on-1 healing experience with Dipal.
  • Unveil the Roots of Chronic Illness: Explore why chronic illnesses and genetic diseases are on the rise like never before, and what you can do about it.
  • Master Your Life with Confidence: Learn the secrets to living a life free from guilt, fear, and worry, taking control in a way you never thought possible.
  • Release Emotional and Physical Bonds: Find out how to permanently detach from lingering emotional and physical wounds, breaking free from harmful patterns and traumas.
  • And SO Much More!

Monday, March 4th, 2024

Interview With Eram Saeed

Soulful Transformation: Sacred Destiny Healing Fusion

During this Event You Will:

  • Discover the revolutionary fusion of spiritual insight and ancient healing that's transforming lives—presented for the first time ever!
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the powerful combination of intuitive guidance and sacred healing techniques can completely chang your life.
  • Learn how to unlock your divine destiny and achieve unparalleled clarity and direction in your life.
  • Witness firsthand accounts of transformation and healing from individuals who have experienced the magic of this unique fusion.
  • Uncover the secrets to immediate relief from fear, anxiety, grief, and negativity, and embark on a path to holistic wellness.
  • Find out how 10 fast action takers can receive personalized, transformative healing and guidance for a fraction of the price.
  • Get a rare opportunity to ask Eram your burning questions during a live Q&A session.
  • Special bonus: Attendees will receive an exclusive opportunity only available to webinar participants.
  • And So Much More!

Monday, March 11th, 2024

Interview With Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Metatron's Healing Codes: Synchronize ALL Systems of Your Energy Matrix to Wipe Out ANYTHING That Stands in the Way of Your Ultimate Healing!

During this Event You Will:

  • Discover the HEALING LIGHT CODES via Metatron’s Cube!
  • Learn the SPIRITUAL DOWNLOAD CLEARING through the Spine for optimum health!
  • Understand your LIGHT BODY QUOTIENT & how to ACTIVATE IT!
  • Find out what are the 7 MAJOR CHAKRAS and its Impact on your Psychology & Physicality!
  • Experience the KARMA CLEARING through the Grace of the KARMIC BOARD!
  • And So Much More!

Monday, March 20th, 2024

Interview With Karina Grant

Quantum Healer Acceleration Program!

During this Event You Will:

  • Learn why most healers are totally ungrounded and why it is essential to know how to come back into your body to REDUCE THE SYMPTOMS OF MAJOR ILLNESSES!
  • Learn why REALIGNING THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM IS ESSENTIAL for every single health condition and how it is an exact mirror of confidence and emotions!
  • Find out why THIS PROGRAM WILL GIVE YOU THE SKILLS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PRACTITIONER whilst elevating the health resonance of your soul groups!
  • Experience firsthand your MOBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY IMPROVE straight away on the call - measurably!
  • Be pain free and change your life… Experience a live healing on the call!
  • And So Much More!

Monday, March 25th, 2024

Interview With Joshua Bloom

Quantum Leap Into Your Unstoppable Self!

During this Event You Will:

  • LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS: Radiate confidence and strength to take your life by storm!
  • UNLEASH YOUR LIMITLESS POWER: Become an unstoppable force, ready to conquer any challenge!
  • MASTER YOUR DESTINY: Navigate your life with unwavering purpose, crafting the most amazing future you deserve!
  • ENERGY TRANSFORMATION: Elevate your energy frequency to attract abundance to manifest your deepest desires with grace and ease.
  • STAND in YOUR POWER: Release what’s holding you back from being your best YOU!
  • And So Much More!

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