Ar-Rehman (The Most Merciful) is the 55th chapter of the Qur'an with 78 verses. It is in Arabic. Go here to see the verse by verse translation of this chapter.

Q&A with Dr. Javed Ahmed


Interview with Dr. Javed Ahmed

Wednesday June 10th


Story of Dr. Javed Ahmed

This is the story of a doctor who almost two decades ago started off as an ER doctor with a reputation that if a patient came to the ER during his shift, the angel of death didn’t visit them. Yet, no matter how good a doctor one is, they still lose patients to death and incurable diseases. Each death effected him deeply and he would pray to God that if You say that You created a cure for everything, then please help me find that ultimate remedy that would cure my patients so I could help them.

Seems like his prayer was accepted. But God works in mysterious ways.

One day, during emergency treatment of a patient with full blown AIDS, Hep C and Hep B, the patient became agitated and struggled against the caring staff. In the struggle, the nurse working with him accidentally pricked  him with the same needle she had just drawn blood with from the patient. This was a death sentence and the doctor knew it. The doctor immediately took some meds to prevent infection but alas that was not to be.

He developed the diseases in a short period of time. Knowing full well there was no cure!

This led him down a journey of despair and he tried to do everything he possibly could to treat himself but the diseases progressed. This might have been his dark night of the soul.

Years later, the diseases still ravaging his body, One day, he came across a Baba ji that he had never met before. The Baba ji called out to him and said Hey you crazy doctor! That ultimate remedy you have been searching for..... I have it for you!

The doctor was surprised how would this old man know I’m a doctor and how could he possibly know I’d been searching for this type of a remedy. Nevertheless, he spoke with him to find out what he had to say. Baba Ji told him of a remedy from The Quran where he had to listen to Sura Rehman and said if you do it the way I tell you, with the will of Allah, you will be cured. The doctor,  with his years of training and practice, was extremely skeptical to say the least. He didn’t believe in this kind of stuff. He was still a very successful doctor. But he was also desperate. He had tried everything so why not this? After all, the Baba was sure it would work. Plus what’s the harm in listening to a Sura? He was a Muslim anyway and listening to the Quran is always good. So, after lengthy debates and feeling like a fool, he did it. The remedy requires 7 days of treatment.

Miraculously, the doctor was cured. All his medical reports were negative for the diseases he had been carrying. Even though he knew as a scientist they were incurable. It wasn’t possible for him to ever had negative test results. He was floored. Naturally overcome with gratitude, he approached the Baba ji again to see what he could do for him. Baba ji refused and payment and reminded him

Shifa minjanib Allah. (Healing is only from God)

Quran minhanib Allah (Quran is from God)

Baba ji said the only form of payment required was that he share this message of healing with everyone for the rest of his life and charge nothing for it. Not even a thank you.

That doctor's name is Dr Javed Ahmed and he’s a very well known emergency care specialist in Lahore now. It’s been over two decades and he is still a highly successful, fully practicing ER specialist in Services Hospital Lahore and he’s been sharing this remedy with his critical care patients and those with incurable diseases. Thousands of patients have experienced miraculous healings.

AIDS, stage 4 Cancer, Hepatitis, diabetes, heart disease, renal failure..... the list goes on. I myself spent a few hours on YouTube listening to the accounts of people who had healed and now also spread this message for the benefit of others. He’s also using this treatment for his corona patients with similar results.

To Learn More about this Ultimate Remedy, go to


Qari Abdul Basit Rendition of Surah Ar-Rehman



1. Download audio version of Surah Ar-Rehman from the above link. Keep 1/2 glass of water with you.

2. Do a short prayer/exercise to forgive everything and everyone and empty your minds and sit with a clean heart and feel the presence of GOD

3. Play the audio and listen to it with deep concentration

4. End of the audio open your eyes for a brief moment. Then close eyes again and say "Allah" 3 times in your heart and drink the glass of water in 3 sips

5. Repeat this 2 more times in the day. Total 3 times a day

6. Do this for 7 consecutive days


Her 70y old father survived Corona May 2020

This lady had seen her mother healed from Hep C after using the Ultimate Remedy. During the pandemic her father of 70 years of age and numerous core morbidities became ill with Corona. He was on respiratory apparatus and running high fever for days. The doctors had given two more days without ventilator and max 7 days with Ventilator. He had multiple core morbidities including heart and kidney disease. The oxygen dropped so much that they said only vent was a choice but chances of survival were very bleak. The father was too ill to do the remedy himself so the daughter was doing it remotely for him. After day 3, he started to get stabilized and after 7th day he came out of ICU. His test results showed negative for corona. He has been discharged and he is at home now.


Treatment of chronic Infertility issues

Another doctor Associate Professor of Gynecology is using this for treatment of long term infertility with successful results. Also relates the case of a patient on ventilator after a C-Section and had received CPR 3 treatments. Survival chances were almost zero. After listening, patient made full recovery next day!


A well renown actress sayeda noor bukhari self witnessing to her marvelous cure to depression through The Ultimate Remedy



Take the first three bites of food saying Allah Allah Allah Doc Javed also talks about the case of a 1 month old baby in ICU with diabetes and 24/7 insulin infusion. Parents were advised to do the remedy (in case of children younger than 12 years parents have to do the remedy not child). Baby recovered fully and didn't need any insulin


Rare, incurable disease cured

Takayasu's arteritis (tah-kah-YAH-sooz ahr-tuh-RIE-tis) is a rare type of vasculitis, a group of disorders that cause blood vessel inflammation. In Takayasu's arteritis, the inflammation damages the aorta — the large artery that carries blood from your heart to the rest of your body — and its main branches.

In 2011, she was told she was incurable and would likely have stroke or heart attack. After using the Ultimate remedy for 7 days, she is fully healed and tells her story in this video.


Unconditional Love - AlRehman Cured Cancer.

This lady is from New York and just posted this in May 2020. She shares her account with breast cancer and how it healed after 7 days of Ultimate Remedy treatment. She was so convinced of this healing that when her brother was admitted into ICU for pneumonia, she used it for him and he too recovered. The attending American nurse was so shocked by this she asked for this remedy to use on others



Otitis media is a group of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear. AOM is an infection of rapid onset that usually presents with ear pain. In young children this may result in pulling at the ear, increased crying, and poor sleep.

The gentleman tells his own story of complete cure after using the Ultimate Remedy.


The Light of Rehman Freed me from hatred envy & pride

This lady was filled with negativity and hatred. She had depression and anger and hopelessness and it was adversely affecting her marriage. Her baby was suffering numerous health issues. After the Ultimate Remedy the baby improved immediately. Over time, she healed her emotional issues and became healed.


Muhammad Haroon Hepatitis B &C was Cured By Listening Surah Alrehman Therapy

Even after trying all medical treatments his Hep B and C was not cured. Doctors told him he is incurable. Ultimate Remedy completely healed him and reports were negative.


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