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Interview with Inna Van Der Velden

Topic: Divine Shift: Rapidly Transcend the 3D Reality to
Leap into a Happier, Healthier Vibration!

During this Call with Inna You Will:

  • Discover the secret to CLAIMING YOUR BIRTHRIGHT of a Divine Child!
  • Learn the 7 steps to start living your life as a Divine Child, who is always loved, protected, guided, and cherished by the Creator of All That Is!
  • Find out what should you do to BECOME A DIVINE ALCHEMIST of your Body, your Health, and your Life!
  • Learn what to do to break away from the 3D Reality and SHIFT TO THE DIVINE CHILD REALITY!
  • Find out the efficient WAY TO BREAK YOUR KARMA!
  • Break the 3D reality… CLAIM YOUR RIGHT to the Child of God’s frequency!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Inna!

  • “In the Ocean of Cosmic Love MP3, thus the title, I feel very love in this mp3. It helps the listener to know that God will take care of their pain by putting it in the ocean of cosmic love. I feel connected with God and all of nature. I feel love and beauty through the lotus flower.” ~ Susan, US
  • “Morning, day-time, and evening meditations are super! The effects are fast- after the morning one I felt a powerful flow of energy, the feeling of a young body, after day-time I felt as if I as I was given an extra boost of energy and expansion, and I had a much better sleep after an evening one. These three MP3s are a must have ones!” ~ Anastasia, Russia
  • “The Temple of Silence is powerful process. Don’t be fooled by its quiet and unusual strength- when I entered the temple of silence, I could clearly visualize my creation, feel it grandeur and joy. I can now enter that place in my consciousness at will and amplify it. Parts of my creation are already happening, and it’s just after three days. I know this works because I am tapping into the powers of the Creator and the Temple of Silence is a perfect place for it.” ~ Alisa, UK

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Interview with Hillary Faye

Topic: Crystal Chamber Hormone Harmonizer: The Advanced Arcturian Healing Secret for Overcoming Hormonal Setbacks

During this Call with Hillary You Will:

  • Find out how you can OPTIMIZE your hormones within the ARCTURIAN CRYSTAL HEALING CHAMBERS!
  • Discover the ADVANCED ARCTURIAN HEALING SECRET for Overcoming Hormonal Setbacks!
  • EXPERIENCE the Arcturian Crystal Chamber Vogel Wand Hormonal Harmonization HEALING TRANSMISSION!
  • Learn how to access the hormonal harmonizing benefits of the MOST ADVANCED HEALING TECHNOLOGY in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • Discover how to identify and HEAL THE ROOT CAUSES OF HORMONAL IMBALANCES to optimize every aspect of your being
  • And much, much more...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Hillary!

  • "My modivation and sex drive have returned after years! " ~ Sarah G
  • "My doctor saw a big improvement in my white blood cell cystine test!" ~ Lauren T
  • "For the first time in months the inner war I had felt within myself from peri-menapause hormonal imbalances and hot flashes came to a truce and completely calmed leaving me with total peace. I feel like myself again!" ~ Jennifer F

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Interview with Maria Martinez

Topic: Limitless Life Codes: Activate Your Perfect Health & infinite Wealth for Unbound Potential

During this Call with Maria You Will:

  • Discover the epigenetic data in the cellular memory CREATING your REALITY and HOW TO CLEAR IT!
  • Discover how other lifetimes, timelines and environment create barriers, limitations and set points in LIVING A LIFE OF HEALTH, and WEALTH!
  • Learn to access your knowing and EMBODYING YOUR ULTIMATE TRUTH!
  • Find out how you can live in the moment of having it all to QUICKLY CREATE/MANIFEST the REALITY YOU DESIRE!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Maria!

  • “I just got a client pay me more than I’ve made in the last seven month. I feel I am more consistently embodying wealth consciousness.” ~ Lilian
  • “Thank you so much for my session! The pain is 90% gone now, which is incredible, as I was in chronic pain everyday and since the session I have barely felt it.” ~ Sophia
  • “Just a few hours after the first audio I received a call that an amazing and abundant business opportunity came my way. It was almost immediate and I knew instantly that I was worthy, and accepted it with ease and grace.” ~ K.S

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