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Interview with Grace Geokyin Hom

Topic: Energy Dentistry
The Archetypal Way
Healthy Teeth, Gums and Guts

During this Call with Grace You Will:

  • Learn that problems with a particular tooth may indicate certain repressed emotional issues... And A powerful barometer of your health is in your smile! (Your teeth and gums indicate the overall health of your body as well as your emotional health.)
  • Discover that your TEETH and GUMS are like microcosm of your universe... And it also indicate issues with one or more survival archetypes that are working on the subconscious level of your being!!
  • Learn the HEALTH OF YOUR GUMS may indicate whether you’re receiving the level of emotional and financial support which ALLOWS YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL!
  • Discover how Grace works with her Spirit Guides that HELPS RE- IMPRINT YOUR RESOURCEFUL STATES to have a reference point and create a LIFE THAT SUPPORTS YOU TO BE YOUR BEST... Re-imprinting life-enhancing states are the key to emotional health and healing!
  • Learn Grace’s method of re-imprinting life-enhancing resourceful states that will HELP YOU TO RECEIVE MORE on ALL levels of your being!!
  • Be able to receive more emotional nourishment that HELP YOU FLOURISH in every area of your life!! (This means you’ll be able to receive the love that you’ve been longing for)
  • And much, much MORE...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Grace!

  • “I was really amazed at the thoroughness of the entire session with Grace. We started with my teeth and then moved to multiple places within my body. I had been experiencing bleeding in my gums on almost a daily basis while brushing my teeth. After my session with Grace, this has stopped completely. I am so very grateful” ~ Peg Rose
  • “The group process brought relief right away so I bought her package and all I can say is wow. Within an hour the pain went from 10 to about a 3 and has been getting better each day since I started on Tuesday. Given what a bad shape my mouth was in ... can’t even began to say THANK YOU to Grace and all of you for bringing her on!” ~ Nancy Tulipano
  • “I had a session with Grace as I've been struggling with chronic gum inflammation and sporadic bleeding. After just one session, the bleeding stopped!” ~ Rupina Meer

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Interview with Dipal Shah

Topic: Quickly Reprogram Your Karmic Grid with 15D Frequencies to Achieve Greater Health, Finances and Relationships

During this Call with Dipal You Will:

  • Find out if your bad actions of your current life are irreparable and if you are destined to suffer from its consequences
  • Discover the Secret to Dissolving and Clearing old Karma forever so that you can find freedom and peace
  • Learn tips that will help you break free from the cycle of Karma
  • Find out what is keeping you in “suffering mode”
  • Learn how Karma = results of our bad actions in the past is False!!! Karma can be your friend.
  • Find out how what old Karmic Patterns that you keep repeating and what your lessons are in this lifetime
  • And much, much more...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Dipal!

  • "I have lost my job and everytime I work with Dipal I get a phone call immediately for another interview or an email about further progression for a job that I am seeking." ~ Ralph
  • "Dipal does a powerful clearing through all the levels of Karma" ~ F. S.
  • "Dipal’s has the biggest heart I know. She is so giving and is passionate about what she does" ~ P.N

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Interview with Tanja James

Topic: Breakthrough Into Freedom and Fearlessly
Walk With The Unknown

During this Call with Tanja You Will:

  • Learn that it is Possible To Walk Blindfolded with a SMILE ON YOUR FACE!
  • BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU ARE without struggling!
  • Learn to STAY CENTERED AND FREELY shared YOUR light… and not feeling pulled out of alignment constantly!
  • Unearth the main roadblock that’s preventing you from OBTAINING UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOM!
  • Find your untapped inner well of Peace, Strength, and Courage!
  • And much, much MORE...

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Here’s what clients have to say about Tanja!

  • “The Results Were INSTANT… In Just One Session Tanja Cleared Me From Years OF Self Neglect & Procrastination!” ~ Radha R.
  • “In Just ONE Session I Felt An Immediate Shift And A HUGE Lift From My Shoulders That Had Been There For 23 Years!!” ~ Moenieba
  • “I Felt The Energy Right Away From The Cord Of Golden Light… Cleared ALL My Old Energy… It Was GREAT!” ~ Laurice

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